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  • Great stuff, works perfectly now:-) Thanks very much to both you and Nathan!
    in CSV export Comment by davejbur July 2015
  • Thanks Huw - as I said before, I don't like giving sign in details for one site to another site! Is there any way there couldn't be two CSV export links - one ACM, one Rebrickable?
    in CSV export Comment by davejbur July 2015
  • OK, it seems it's only one column change since December - Number & Variant has been combined into one column. But still a change further away from what Rebrickable is expecting :-)
    in CSV export Comment by davejbur July 2015
  • Hi Huw, did you ever manage to have a look at making the CSV format compatible with rebrickable again? I note that the brickset one's now further changed, with some columns added, some deleted, so I don't really know what rebrickable is expecting an…
    in CSV export Comment by davejbur July 2015
  • Actually, when we read the article we were nodding in agreement to most of it! Maybe that means we don't fit in on brickset:-) What we find annoying is that you often pay £10-20-30 for a set which is actually made up of very few large pieces. Many …
  • Legoboy - thanks, glad it's not just me! Magri - I know, but I'm not at all keen on the idea of providing login details for an account on one website to another. Facebook wants me to do it, LinkedIn wants me to do it (both of which I refuse), I'm j…
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