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  • ...or what he said ;)
    in POV RAY Comment by Ra226 June 2015
  • ^ Lots of light sources helps get rid of shadows.
    in POV RAY Comment by Ra226 June 2015
  • Those are some great tips, @jwsmart --thanks!  
    in POV RAY Comment by Ra226 April 2015
  • To answer several questions in this thread, POV-Ray does software rendering only, so no, your vid card won't help.  It's strictly CPU power.  And I don't recall if it's multi-threaded, so it may be raw GHz power (as opposed to how many cores you hav…
    in POV RAY Comment by Ra226 April 2015
  • My initial Lego years were from about 1981 through about 1993--I was fortunate enough to have lived through the golden age of Space. I started Highschool in '92. And I'd say the internet is what brought me out of my dark ages. I was introduced t…
  • @B0SSK‌ #8017 (from 2009) is still a very good system-scale Vader's TIE. But I agree, it might be nice to get a new version with the techniques used in 2012's TIE.
  • Yeah, before midnight, it said "coming August 2014." Around 12.10-15 it changed to "coming soon"and stayed that way for a time... Then next I checked, around 12.35 (wife and I had gotten caught up in a DS9 episode), it had gone live and stated "ou…
  • We'll be reassembling our Winter Village Toy Shop, Bakery, Post Office, and Cottage for Christmas, and swapping them in for stuff that's currently on display (mostly Star Wars at the moment). We also have a custom WV Chapel based on an entry to the…
  • So is anyone else as excited about the Macross Valkyrie as I am??? I absolutely loved Robotech when I was little--and the model is excellent!
  • I think the difference is the bricks are patented--a patent that ran out long ago (hence megablox). The stickers are copyrighted--which basically never expires. That said, TLG clearly has no problem with the catalog/instruction scans over at Peero…
  • Yes, I've read about those stickers... I plan to get the X-Wing, but it can wait--perhaps Brick Friday, etc... Plenty of time. Unless, of course, they decide to have a fire-sale and retire the set after 6 months. But that's just crazy talk.
  • Received my B-Wing yesterday--my first impression was the size of the box: this thing is big! The last time I remember getting a box this size was the Futuron Monorail (hard to believe that was over 25 yrs ago...). Along with it came the poster, t…
  • Ordered one (for myself!) about 9.15, finally got the conf email at 9.55. Was considering buying two and flipping the other, but it just doesn't seem right. I'm glad at least one more person out there will get to have this set. I'm also glad I di…
  • Personally, I would love to see a UCS A-Wing. It's the only missing alphabet fighter and a UCS model could be quite nice. The B-Wing at 50% off would be awesome--I hope that's not just "my friend talked to a guy who said..."
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