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For Sale - Starwars Polys - sealed (UK)

UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 630
edited July 2012 in Marketplace
I need to raise some funds, and will have to dip into my poly stock to do it!
sealed bags
Chrome Darth Vader.
White boba fett.
Chrome stormtrooper.
Shadow Arf

please PM with offers - thanks


  • UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 630
    If you want them all I would like £100, and will include a Shirtless maul too.
    averages out at £20 each... and I will foot the bill for posting.!

  • ChanMcLChanMcL Member Posts: 1,224
    How much is for the Stormtrooper on its own? Thanks! :)

    And you wouldn't have these would you?
    20016 - Imperial Shuttle
    20012 - Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship
    30055 - Vulture Droid
  • UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 630
    make me an offer ,
    I would prefer to sell them all in one go.

    I have also

    30056, 30055, 30054, 30053
    30006, 30005
  • PhoneboothPhonebooth Member Posts: 1,430
    Do you still have any of these?
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