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Wanted: Missing Parts for 7665

monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
edited July 2012 in Marketplace
I just bought a supposed complete boxed 7556 off of Evilbay sadly it was less than complete.
I am not a bricklinker and want to avoid that route (more accounts and ways to spend money)
Before I phone Lego direct later in the week (already tried pick a brick and it is not much use) I was wondering if anyone out there would be able to help, I don't think any on the parts are rare, certainly not when I searched bricklink. Anyway if you think you can help with this lot, please drop me a PM. Cash deal is fine, although I do have a few unopened Olymipic MiniFigs (no idea what they are though, no good at the feeling thing)

Missing parts for 7556

4170375 x1
4163068 x1
4177046 x1
4211183 x1
4258311 x1
4214559 x2
4504369 x3
4498713 x2
654121 x2
4210749 x2
4211566 x2
4142865 x2
302224 x2
407923 x2
4211398 x2


  • ChoochChooch Member Posts: 148
    I don't see a LEGO set for 7556 on BrickSet.... what is the set title?
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Dumbness be mine forever and a day - misstyped 7665, if someone could edit the title that would be great.
  • phatphil55phatphil55 Member Posts: 45
    You can open a case on eBay if the seller stated it was complete and it was not, they will probably be made to give you a partial refund which would cover your costs.
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,411
    Tar, but can't be bothered, they also offered me a partial refund without too much fuss, so easier to take the cash and get the parts. With the exception of the inverted part they all seem common enough.
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