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Greatest Minifig of all time?

georgebjonesgeorgebjones Member Posts: 224
edited March 2013 in Collecting
With the recent release of the 4184 Black Pearl set, and @sidersdd still dripping photos from this discussion: What is/are your G.O.A.T. minifig choices?

I know there are those who love the classics, and others who lean toward the modern. There is the whole yellow vs. flesh debate as well. But ignoring those points, of all the figs TLG has ever produced, which would be up at the top of the list?

It is very hard for me to decide. I lean toward the more modern figures because of the creativity and diversity and detail that is put into them. The more classic figures look a little too simplistic for the most part. I must say, though that the Davy Jones is right near the top. He has a completely new and unique beard/octupus, and crab claw hand, plus a peg leg in a new color and a hat that is a different color but same mold as Blackbeard.

Here are some qualities that will automatically propel a fig toward the top of the list:
Detail - things like leg printing, arm printing, creative designs/colors, etc.
Uniqueness - Unique molds/parts only used in that figure.
Versatility - can parts of the figure be used in other figures well, can other figures' accessories be used with this figure and look good?
Backstory - is there a great story with the figure. This is of course more subjective, but licensed figures have a big boost here, they are usually associated with movies/characters we already know.

So I would say my top ten in no particular order are:
1. Cloud city Boba Fett. Printed arms and legs, which wasn't being done near as much in 2003 as today, unique jetpack/helmet, incredible backstory, extremely unique. It isn't very versatile, but sure makes up for it.
2. Imperial Royal guard. All red, with a cape, and that awesome helmet that is only for those figs. They are actually quite versatile, too. The way they used the black head and space in the helmet to emulate the black visor is awesome.
3. Davy Jones. See above
4. Crab from City of Atlantis
5. Mola Ram. Awesome Indy fig. Very unique.
6. Gold Knight. My favorite helm design, but this guy wins it because of full armor and it is the only one in gold. Awesome.
7. Vladek. Personally, I loved the knights kingdom series, and wish I had more, despite the rainbow of colors for the knights. Vladek always was the favorite.
8. CMF 3 Space Villian. All around awesome figure. The mechanical arm, new helmet, face design, etc. The only one who can nudge classic blacktron aside. Although the AC aliens are growing on me. If he hadn't come out, classic blacktron would be in his place.
9. I absoultely love love love all the Ninjago figures. I can't get enough of them. The skeletons are my favorite, and although it is tough, I would have to go with Wyplash, mostly because of his removable hat.
10. Redbeard. Captain of the Black Seas Barracuda, how could he not be on the list. He introduced us to the hook and peg leg. Win.

Man, do you know how hard it is to narrow this down to ten?? I could do a top twenty, easy. At first I was going to rank them, but couldn't decide, so no particular order. I would love to hear what others have to say about it.

To preempt the exclusion of such figures as the Spartan, Zombie, classic space, etc. I am not saying I don't love those, just if I had to grab only ten figures on my way out of my burning house, I would grab these...if I could find them. ;-) You know what I am talking about.


  • bellybutton290bellybutton290 Member Posts: 453
    Certianly each year printing improves and therefore the better the figs are getting and this trend seems to be contining with next years sandtroopers and possible c3p0 figs get improvements to name a few. Regarding favorites I like the the lego city guy from the 8402 set with the smirk on his face and also the business man from the limo and heli set. For SW I would say the snowtroopers (must be good they have barely changed them in 8 years unlike the other sw characters) and the previously mentioned royal guards.
  • DuchessaDuchessa Member Posts: 287
    The Imperial royal guards are special to me. I love everything about them!
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
    Following on from Huw's news article about the new Star Wars clone troopers, I thought I'd bump this thread back up to continue the debate about the what makes a great minifig.
    I meant to make my top 10 list of minifigs back when this was first started but didn't get round to it - I'll be compiling it and sharing it in the next few days. I know for sure Achu will be on it, but what number will he be...?
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
    edited December 2011
    Experiment in bumping...

    Edit: Yay! Its bumped! Thanks very much @atkinsar!
    I will come up with my top ten this evening to share, hope some others do too. Let's see if we can't convince some of those people who can't see what all the fuss is about regarding minifigures!!
  • LegogeekLegogeek Member Posts: 714
    Gee, I don't think I could even start to make a list. To me it is the minifigs that bring life to the LEGO sets. I would definately agree though, that the newer minifigs with their more detailed torsos and faces have made me happy - although I still like the older minifigs with their simplistic smiling faces!
  • LambringoLambringo Member Posts: 104
    For pure hilarity factor, I vote for the male figure from the paradisa set 6489 with the speedo and cheeky moustache. While not the super rare or detailed, the male mini figs from this theme always make me chuckle with their care free leisure outfits.
  • proraptorproraptor Member Posts: 13
    spyrius droid is still my favorite minifig
  • JasenJasen Member Posts: 283
    All the Emperor Palpatines :D
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,789
    No mention of Blacktron I guys?
    Nothing like those cold Black visors staring back at you.
  • georgebjonesgeorgebjones Member Posts: 224
    ^I mentioned Blacktron I, but they got superceded by the CMF Space Villian, which has a small blacktron emblem on his torso. I replace his visor with a solid black one. :)
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
    Ok, it's taken me ages. I've been looking through my minifig collection (which has lately spiralled to a very high number - damn you CMFs!!) and have come up with my top, erm, eleven. I just couldn't narrow it down any further, and bear in mind, I have only considered minifigs that I own, rather than every minifig ever. Like georgebjones, I have not ranked them so, in no particular order:

    1. Darth Vader ( - A legendary character, chosen by several Bricksetters as their forum picture, I think the Lego rendition of him, while not overly detailed, is instantly recognisable and a faithful representation.
    2. CMF Elf (series 3) ( - A figure I'd been waiting for for a long time, my very own Legolas. I'm not quite sure how the official LOTR fig in the summer could surpass this one.
    3. Sensei Wu ( - I love the dragon on his back, the script that runs down his torso and leg (I will have to ask a friend to translate the Japanese characters - I would love it if it said "wax on, wax off :P) and the detail included on his head, even though a lot of it is hidden under his beard.
    4. Luna Lovegood ( - One of my favourite Harry Potter characters, the main thing I like about this minifig is the doublesided head - wacky Spectrespecs on one side and sweet if slightly vague expression on the other. Sums her up perfectly.
    5. Achu ( - I said he'd be here, and if I had to pick a single one out of this list as my all-time favourite it would probably be him. Beautiful headpiece, interesting prints on his torso and legs but the icing on the cake - well, that's the lovely patterned cape.
    6. CMF genie (series 6) ( - A new fig on the block, and not versatile really, but unique. Clearly inspired by Disney's incarnation, and that's fine by me. Love the genial ;) face, pearl gold hands, swirling blue tail, and the added bonus that he can perch on his lamp.
    7. Anubis guard ( - I'm fascinated by myths, legends and all things fantastical, and I just love this guy, simple though his design is.
    8. Captain Jack Sparrow with face paint ( - I've specifically chosen this version of ol' Jack because in addition to the criteria cited by George, I think that accuracy is important, and his head is painted pretty much exactly as it is in the film; the sequences involving this Jack escaping from hungry natives count among some of my favourite from the films, which also contributes to my choosing this fig.
    9. Zam Wessell ( - Another great doublesided head, and a torso in an unusual mauve colour with splashes of metallic silver.
    10. Winter Village lady ( - This one I like mainly for the friendly expression, scarved torso with gloves and because it reminds me of my favourite season.
    11. Spaceman ( - This is the oldest of the minifigs I've chosen, and is from one of my childhood sets. I like the colour combination of yellow and grey and the head featuring cool dude shades - perfect for making a Cyclops minifig to join the Marvel superheroes later in the year.

    For me, the minifigures that are included in a set are a big factor in influencing whether I want to buy a set or not. There has also been a lot of backlash recently against the new Friends mini-dolls, and Huw's news articles have sparked debate about whether some of the new Star Wars figures are overly detailed. I'd be interested to hear what people think of my choices, and also, as George originally stated, what factors you think contribute to making a great figure.
  • georgebjonesgeorgebjones Member Posts: 224
    ^ great list @LostinTranslation. It is amazing to me how people can have such diverse interests. I have seen people comment that the crash test dummy was the worst figure in series 1, and other people say that it was the best. I will be really interested to see what the 3 "fan favorites" will be. I think we are supposed to hear about those fairly soon.
  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Member Posts: 1,013
    The AC alien commander figures are pretty neat.

    The Brickset pictures are kind of pathetic, but they really are nice.
  • sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
    ^ the Brickset photos come from Bricklink.
  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Member Posts: 1,013
    ^ Okay correction. The Bricklink pictures suck.
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,363
    I still like my custom made (of rare parts)... "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" minifig.... lol...

  • Rainstorm26Rainstorm26 Member Posts: 1,013
    ^ Shouldn't that guy be holding some Lego Money?
  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind Member Posts: 2,117
    I have to say my favourite is the new Celtic warrior from series 6 I love his angry wild expression and they have really captured the wind swept look. The detailing is great as well and having figures from all periods its amazing how its changed. And of course a new sword which is always cool.
  • princedravenprincedraven Member Posts: 3,764
    Will try to draw up a list but for now:
    Chrome 3PO tops it for me.
    Lego - tick
    Star Wars - tick
    Rare(ish) - tick
    Shiny - tick
    My avatar - tick ;)

    Just love one of Cavegod's photos of his sand crawler with C3PO inside the dim light reflecting off his body. Awesomeness!
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,088
    ^ Okay correction. The Bricklink pictures suck.
    I have a full set of AC minifigs and do plan to photograph them properly, along with updating the other galleries that I started -- when I find the time to...

  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Administrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    For whatever reason, the CMF Cyborg really grabs me.
  • bor2112bor2112 Member Posts: 321
    This is an easy one for me. I fell in love with Lego as an adult with the studio series in the early 2000s so it is the vampire from Vampire's Crypt (1381).
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    Achu has to be on the list. Good call LostInTranslation!
  • gmpirategmpirate Member Posts: 1,654
    no question, CLUTCH POWERS!!!
  • StuBoyStuBoy Member Posts: 623
    edited January 2012
    Edit: my pick was in the original post! Redbeard!
  • sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
    This is an easy one for me. I fell in love with Lego as an adult with the studio series in the early 2000s so it is the vampire from Vampire's Crypt (1381).
    I love that guy too. It's not my all time favorite, but I recently did have to purchase him.
  • bor2112bor2112 Member Posts: 321
    ^And your all time favorite is...
  • sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
    ^ I'm not sure. Too many to choose from. I'd probably have to make a list of 10.
  • bor2112bor2112 Member Posts: 321
    ^I feel like I am having a conversation with my SO when he does not want to answer ;)
  • bor2112bor2112 Member Posts: 321
    I have to say, I am digging @pookie 's avatar...what mf is that?
  • bor2112bor2112 Member Posts: 321
    Building with one of my boys and this MF from AQ HQ is pretty awesome.

  • Blue1dotBlue1dot Member Posts: 78
    Excellent choices @LostinTranslation, and I had a good laugh at the man from 6489, thanks @Lambringo. Hard to pick just one personal favorite, so many great ones. I like the crazy eye, arm and leg on Space Villain series 3, the white face, red lips and fancy dress on Kimono Girl from series 4, the 50s style Clockwork Robot series 6, and the mustache and expression on the Ring Master from series 2.
  • Blue1dotBlue1dot Member Posts: 78
    Nice @Bor2112, I haven't gotten around to build that one yet.
    I think @pookie 's avatar looks like the body from the hazmat guy and the face from the kimono girl, it's a great combination.
  • Farmer_JohnFarmer_John Member Posts: 2,405
    A few that come to mind for me (not in any order) are: Series 1 Minifigure Robot, Series 4 Hazmat guy, SW Darth Vadar, SW R2-D2, SW General Grievous, Series 5 British Guard, Achu, SW Stormtrooper, Batman, Toy Story Buzz Lightyear among others. Obviously, I haven't been collecting too long, but most are figures that I purchased new in box.

    Lego minifigs are just plain cool!
  • bellybutton290bellybutton290 Member Posts: 453
    Got some 2012 sets last week and the death star trooper from the tie set is pretty cool and the astromech droids are quickly becoming favorites with me, though my beloved snaowtroopers will take some beating.
  • Brick_WallBrick_Wall Member Posts: 7
    edited June 2012
    Since there are many rampant collectors of these things out there (like myself) I was wondering which one is at the top of everyone's like list. Not an easy call, for me probably...

    Lord Vladek from set 8823
  • LegofanscottLegofanscott Member Posts: 622
    Definitely the new MF figures, the zombies look awesome :)
  • pricey73pricey73 Member Posts: 352
    The ADU figs from Alien Conquest.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    edited June 2012
    Toss up between Roman (S6) and Gladiator (S5).

    If licensed figures are allowed too, then also Batman (dark knight / black version) and Darth Vader.
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    Darth Malgus from the new Fury-Class Interceptor and Greedo from the Mos Eisley Cantina for licensed figures.

    For unlicensed probably the King from the Kingdoms theme and the Alien Android from Alien Conquest.
  • SparkyHamSparkyHam Member Posts: 141
    The original blacktron - a spaceman all in black with a black visor, the baddest looking minifig for years until licensed themes were introduced.
  • TheBigLegoskiTheBigLegoski Member Posts: 1,437
    edited June 2012
    Such a simple question, but sooooooo difficult to answer for a minifig fan (like myself).

    I cannot just say 'this particular one' is my favourite. This is really, really, ....... really, REALLY one tough call!

    Also, I don't keep them all as the instruction manuals instruct you to assemble them. Sometimes because of personal preferences I exchange heads (some faces are nicer then others), hairpieces, helmets etcetera.

    But of my latest sets these two I really like so much right now:
    The Joker, he is totally and without a doubt my most diabolical minifig
    Samurai X (a.k.a Nya)

    Then again there are so many other minifig's I like just as much.
  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 788
    No one takes the cake more than Dr. Inferno from the Agents line ("1.0" and 2.0). There is just something about him that just says "awesome".

    Pic to come...
  • mrseatlemrseatle Member Posts: 410
    Space Police,
  • GraysmithGraysmith Member Posts: 15
    I can't possibly name just one. That's not even an exaggeration. I'd have a hard time even picking one favourite from each theme, let alone one better than all the rest.

    But, in the interest of playing along, I'd like to give a shout-out to one of my favourites that I feel doesn't get the appreciation it deserves, and that's the blacksmith from the Kingdoms Blacksmith Attack set:


    Great printing, great dual-sided face and a great colour scheme with the brown, black and grey.
  • BoiseStateBoiseState Member Posts: 804
    Battle damage Vader
    Iron Man(because of his helmet)
    Boba Fett(any version)

  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Member Posts: 3,639
    edited June 2012
    The baddest guy in the universe, Black Chrome Vader, in all of his shiny glory. Even his hands are black chrome!
  • maesterjaymaesterjay Member Posts: 71
    Obviously Slave Leia is the most amazing minifig ever made, I'm still kinda surprised they made it (and even more than once!)


  • SWAT_StrachanSWAT_Strachan Member Posts: 24
    Stormtroopers, end of ;).

    I started in Lego (although I should say 'restarted' in Lego, as I used to play with it as a kid) a couple of years back after buying one of the battle packs (can't remember which one). I started using the minifigures in my photography, and eventually the Stormtroopers emerged as my favourite. There's something about them that can be very expressive, even though they're not very pose-able, and can't even look up!


    I have a gallery full of this kind of stuff over on DeviantART. Just Google my name (without the underscore) and you'll find it.
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