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For trade: Hulk and TC-14 polybags (UK)

LauraCLauraC Member Posts: 41
edited June 2012 in Marketplace
I recently got back into Lego and have these polybags I got as freebies when buying from the Lego shop, plus a few other minifigs. I have good feedback on ebay if you want to check i'm reliable :) Would prefer to trade within the UK, but will consider overseas trades if you've got the bear or some farm animals.

I've got for trade:

Hulk minifigure polybag, the one free from Lego Shop recently - sealed
TC-14 Star Wars polybag - sealed
Star Wars 8028 Tie Fighter polybag - sealed
Luke Skywalker & Zev Senesca minifigs out of the Hoth set - assembled but good condition
CMF Genie x2 - packets opened but figures never made, top cut off packet
CMF Minotaur x2 - packets opened but figures never made, top cut off packet

I'm looking for:

The bear from the bandit and forest police set
Pigs, goats, and hens
Flower stems, bushes, trees, and similiar greenery

Viking Woman x2
Ocean King x2

Highland Battler x2

Lawn gnome x1
viking x2

Also looking for some various odd bits like the CMF fitness instructors hair, lumberjack's head, sleepyhead's hair, jungle boy's hair, and any other long or scruffy hair suitable for a male figure, and rugged manly faces! Will also consider other mini figs and accessories suitable for a medieval / fantasy setting.

Thanks :)


  • kw1980kw1980 Member Posts: 48
    I would be interested in the TC 14. Would you consider a swap for 2 x highland battlers, plus the fitness instructors, sleepyhead, jungle boys hair plus the lumberjacks head?
  • LauraCLauraC Member Posts: 41
    Hiya kw1980, sorry but i'd rather try and trade the polybags for animals if possible. Sorry, my fault for not being more specific with my wants list. Happy to trade my SW mini figs or CMFs for yours though if there's any you're interested in :)
  • OjikOjik Member Posts: 55
    So, you won't trade any CMF for TC-14, will you?
  • TheBrickLaddTheBrickLadd Chippenham, Wilts, UK.Member Posts: 844
    edited June 2012
  • LauraCLauraC Member Posts: 41
    Hiya! Sorry but the TC-14 has been taken now, and currently working out a deal for the Hulk. Thanks for all the interest though.
  • OjikOjik Member Posts: 55
    That's bad, and it's even worse to hear Hulk is also going to find a new owner soon. I want these promo minifigures so badly. What did you trade them for?
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