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Buying from LEGO Brand Stores and ([email protected])

RogueRogue Member Posts: 27
edited February 2014 in Buying & Selling Topics
I know there have been a few posts about PAB/Brinklink, but I did not want to hijack them on accident—so, I hope that it is okay that I am adding another! :)

If you go through LEGO customer service to locate lost bricks… does anyone know how far back their inventory goes? I’ve noticed they have a few pieces I need on PAB, but in the wrong colors. Is it worth contacting them to see if they still have some (I’m mostly looking for pieces/colors from the late 80s-90s)? Or should I just skip it and go through Bricklink instead?


  • davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 844
    If you're in the USA, they do not.

    They used to keep them for a long time-- I believe they even had black castle visors from 1978, oddly enough! But they didn't get replenished. So if they ran out, they ran out, and you'd be out of luck, but you COULD get lucky.

    But no more. LEGO's replacement parts that got sourced through Enfield got revamped (and re-sourced, I think) a few years ago. So (I believe) they won't have any parts from before, say, 2005, maybe? If you're looking for something from the 1980's or 1990's, they're not likely to have it.

    Furthermore, depending on the element, they may not be able to find it unless you can give them the LEGO Part Number (if you have it). Note that the "Part Number" is NOT the same thing as the "Design ID"! For parts before 2000, I'm not sure how that number was derived, or if it existed at all (in many parts it was the 4-digit Design ID followed by the 2-digit color ID).

  • RogueRogue Member Posts: 27
    Much thanks, DaveE!
  • ThisIsMyCupThisIsMyCup Member Posts: 156
    not sure if this helps, but just last week i was able to get two specialized pieces that i was missing from set 7781. It was the cannon firing thing and one of the black dragon wings.
  • bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,716
    edited June 2011
    The issue of how long LEGO support sets post-release came up on the Ambassador forums the other day. I believe the current policy is to fully support sets for 2 years after production ends; after that it's somewhat pot-luck if the parts/instructions/stickers for a particular set remain available through the Support channel (i.e. after the 2 years they'll have them until they run out, but they won't try to replenish the stocks that the Support team hold)
  • LuciusMalfoy7LuciusMalfoy7 Member Posts: 107
    edited June 2011
    OK, so I pre-ordered two new HP sets from LEGO It said they'd ship by June 1, but I haven't even gotten an order confirmation email. What should I do?
  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,110
    I would contact them. I've noticed they sometimes have weird email issues. a few weeks back I got the "your order has shipped" email about 2 weeks after I received the order!
  • LuciusMalfoy7LuciusMalfoy7 Member Posts: 107
    @dougts - Well, then hopefully it has been shipped and they just haven't emailed! Thanks, though.
  • LuciusMalfoy7LuciusMalfoy7 Member Posts: 107
    ^Thanks very much, called them, they said it was shipping! I'm new to Shop at Home, I guess I expected them to ship it beforehand so it would arrive on the first... Ah well, live and learn.
  • CrackseedCrackseed Member Posts: 90
    Yeah, their ship confirmations are a bit off - they generally ship on time but you won't get notifications on time till much later.
  • LuciusMalfoy7LuciusMalfoy7 Member Posts: 107
    Btw, has someone changed the name of this thread? If so, much thanks, it's a much more apt and well-rounded name. Just goes to show the hard work all the admins/mods are doing to make the forum as accessible and helpful as possible!
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Northern VirginiaAdministrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    I get 'shipped' emails after the item's arrived pretty much every time.

    And yes, Yellowcastle does a great job of keeping the titles descriptive.
  • DunedinNZDunedinNZ Member Posts: 41
    edited July 2011
    Hey hey,

    Theres a specific set that I'm after on [NZ country version] that I've heard is about to be discontinued. When I checked the other day its now listed as "On Back-order, likely to be shipped in September".

    Does this mean its not actually going to be discontinued and are doing another production run, and it'll be around for a long time OR
    Does it mean they scratching around trying to find the last sets available and its almost gone for good?

    Thanks for any advice.
  • bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,716
    It probably means they have no stock now, but have scheduled a production run of the set sometime over the summer, with stock available to customers in September.
  • macmonmacmon Member Posts: 80
    edited July 2011
    Just like to ask the community who ordered in USA if you had experienced this too.
    I ordered last July 1 some Ninjago sets and Prince of Persia. One of them is the spinner Cole DX. When the package arrived and I got to open it, I was surprised that all EXCEPT the Cole DX spinner was not included.
    I emailed already but still waiting for their reply.
    My Question then are
    1. Has anyone experienced this too? (Missing order in package)
    2. How long do the customer service answer back?
    Thanks in advance.
  • lego36lego36 Banned Posts: 3
    im from the u.k but i also had a missing order. i phoned lego up simply because emailing them would take days befor i would get a anser.
    i had to phone them every day for 5 days to keep a track of my item and after the 5th day they told me it was lost and would re-send it via a different courier.
    so in total from the day i should of recived my item untill the actual day i did recive it was just over 2 weeks. they did send me a keyring for my trouble.
    but having to phone them every day for 15+ minutes each time was a right pain.

    i will also tell you that i also asked this kind of question on the forums and i was asked my certain people to "reframe" from bad mouthing / complaining about lego as it wasent their fault, it was the fault of the courier.

    good luck with your lost item and my advise would be to phone them and ask for the persons name who deals with your issue and if you have to keep phoneing up always ask for that same person.
  • macmonmacmon Member Posts: 80
    Hi, thanks for the reply. Appreciate sharing your experience. At least I know their time frame in answering now.
    As for the missing item, to clarify my situation, the shipped package arrived. It should had 6 items in the shipped box. When I opened it instead of 6 items, there were only 5 items. The missing item Cole DX was not placed inside the shipped box that arrived. So instead of lost by the courier, it was not included during packaging.
    Anyway, again thanks for sharing.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    Is the missing item listed as included on the invoice? If not, it's possible that the item is shipping separately. I would advise calling LEGO customer service.
  • AlczervikAlczervik Member Posts: 93
    i had the same problem i ordered 3 woody roundups and only got 2.

    yeah what rocao said may be true, you should look at reference number if you have fedex tracking, as that can bring more package results than the tracking number

    i called them and they are sending my other roundup free, it did not take any hassling, just a call to customer service. im in USA
  • macmonmacmon Member Posts: 80
    @Rocao, Yes that was what I was initially thinking. I looked up at the invoice and the Zane DX (sorry I listed initially Cole DX) was included. So that means it should included in the shipped package. The tracking number provided was just 1. What I am irked about is that they missed the darn thing which should not be. The customer service sent an email already and waiting for their reply.
  • macmonmacmon Member Posts: 80
    Well just an update, customer care already sent me a message informing me of reshipping the item. What a bummer that they missed the item and now I have to wait again for this item that was left out. But Kudos for their action on the matter.
  • jwsmartjwsmart Member Posts: 298
    I've always been satisfied by contacting customer service. I've had a couple parts missing from a PAB order, a piece or two (usually the loose parts) missing from sets, and recently, a collectable minifigure accessory that had voids in the plastic due to not enough material in the mould. Each time LEGO have come through with a replacement part (or in the case of the CMF, a replacement figure).
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,550
    edited July 2011
    I recently made several purchases from Lego Shop-at-Home. The last two were about a week ago. One was for the 7879 Hoth Echo Base and the other consisted of 7868 Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter, a pair of 7635 4WD with Horse Trailer and 4641 Speed Boat. The last was purchased to move the total over the $75 necessary to score another Target Practice polybag.

    Yesterday both packages arrived. Interestingly they arrived separately and via different couriers (FedEx vs. UPS). The Hoth Echo Base was fine. However, the other package arrived in sorry shape. The shipping box had been thoroughly crushed, literally losing over 10% of its height. Further, in the top of the box was a hole several inches in diameter. When I opened the box, I found that whatever had punctured the hole had also deflated some of the packing material, literally shredding it. Worse, the boxes of 7868 and the pair of 6735 had each been crushed.

    I immediately contacted Lego about it but have yet to hear back. Last night, after emptying the shipping box and throwing it away (as beat up as it was, it wasn't good for much), I noticed that there was no Target Practice polybag. I checked my online receipt and it was there and the receipt in the box also mentioned it. That's when I noticed that not only was it listed but that I'd been charged $1.29 for it!

    Needless to say, I'm going to have to contact Lego again about this. Just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up to check your receipt carefully. I'm going back over mine to see if I've been charged for any of the other "free" polybags I received with the earlier orders this month.
  • devilheaddevilhead Member Posts: 284
    edited July 2011
    Your problem is not with Shop-At-Home; it is with FedEx or UPS. You have the right to refuse damaged packages. You should have contacted their customer service first to deal with the situation.
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,550
    edited July 2011
    Your problem is not with Shop-At-Home; it is with FedEx or UPS. You have the right to refuse damaged packages. You should have contacted their customer service first to deal with the situation.
    The problem with delivery is Lego's responsibility since I paid them, not FedEx, the shipping charge. Additionally it was Lego, not FedEx, that charged me for something that they indicated at the time of my purchase was supposed to be free. If it somehow fell out of the damaged shipping box, then the reason it wasn't even in the box is FedEx's fault but if Lego failed to package it to begin with, the fault is Lego's. Either way, I entered into no contract with FedEx in the transaction; Lego did. Only Lego is answerable in regard to the problems with my purchase. FedEx is responsible to Lego for delivering the package commissioned.
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,038
    It seems that crushed packaged are pretty common. I hang out quite a bit at the Bricklink forum and this topic comes up over and over again. Just get in touch with LEGO's customer service and they will take care of it.

    As far as charging for free sets, yep, they have been doing that too! It is actually not a charge for the set, but it is tax on the free set. At least that's what I have read.

    Personally, I have found that shopping for LEGO sets on Amazon is a lot better. Almost always better prices, no surprize charges, free shipping for orders over $25, and no taxes in most states. Kinda sad, but that's the fact. But no VIP points either, so you just have to pick what is more important to you.
  • doriansdaddoriansdad CTCMember Posts: 1,337
    This is a common issue with TRU orders but never experienced it from Lego. I know Lego's customer service is excellent and will make you whole...just give them a call.
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,550
    It seems that crushed packaged are pretty common. I hang out quite a bit at the Bricklink forum and this topic comes up over and over again. Just get in touch with LEGO's customer service and they will take care of it.
    I already did that and am awaiting a reply (emailed since the phone line was and always seems busy). However, there's more to this than the crushed boxes. There's the missing polybag and the charge they assessed for it which is inexcusable (since I did not select it for purchase, it was applied to my order and then charged).
    As far as charging for free sets, yep, they have been doing that too! It is actually not a charge for the set, but it is tax on the free set. At least that's what I have read.
    You've read wrong then. A tax of $1.29 would imply either a huge tax rate or a much more expensive set than a tiny little polybag would suggest. Assuming that this polybag cost approximately the same recent price as other polybags of similar size, we'll say $3.49. That would make it a tax of almost 37%. Assuming the tax rate on this polybag were the same as other sets, it would suggest a price for the set of over $18. Clearly it is not a reflection of a tax.

    I've also gotten several other polybags and wasn't charged for any of them including the others I got last week.
  • princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember Posts: 3,764
    In my opinion it is clear [email protected] have screwed up, so you have done what is required (contact them) and in my experience they will sort out the mess (that they created), often they go out of their way to ensure you end up happy (express ship of replacement/possible freebee).

    If possible I would try to call them again, I have had nothing but good experiences when I have spoken to them.

    I honestly think that you have to expect a certain amount of damaged deliveries (however much i hate to say that), as [email protected] have to get it to you some how and pretty much every shipping company damage some percentage of their orders. So far I have only had one package from [email protected] damaged, they shipped the replacement express and also sent a number of key rings for my sons.
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,550
    edited July 2011
    This is the second damaged package in a year. The other was clearly the result of UPS who somehow managed to subject the box to water on one corner. There was hardly any damage to the shipping box but all of the sets inside were stuck to one another and the receipt, promotional material for Lego Universe, etc. that Lego inserts with every shipment. I contacted Lego twice about it and each time they said they'd send me prepaid shipping labels to return the sets. Both times the labels never arrived. Finally, I just sent them back to Lego, paying the shipping myself.

    I'm really hoping this time I have a better experience with returning damaged goods.

    That said, I've had excellent service with them in the past when dealing with missing parts. I just hope the two bad incidents with the last damaged order were isolated instances and not a pattern of dropping quality of service.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^ Am I correct in assuming that you're nowhere near a LEGO retail store?
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,550
    edited July 2011
    ^ Am I correct in assuming that you're nowhere near a LEGO retail store?
    Nearest one is a three-hour drive.
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Northern VirginiaAdministrator, Moderator Posts: 5,234
    A three hour drive...
  • achillespdxachillespdx Member Posts: 106
    Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...
  • bmwlegobmwlego Long Island, New YorkMember Posts: 819
    edited July 2011
    First off I am sorry that you've had these bad experiences with Shipping. The issues you are describing are also a LEGO problem as they have charged you for a free set that wasn't even in the crushed box!

    Second, you've had to contact LEGO regarding missing parts?
    In my 5 years of buying LEGO as an adult I have never come across a missing part, never. I have bought enough LEGO to pay for a new car and each time I've received not only complete sets but extra parts as well.

    I believe what you have described and these situations are disappointing because we are so passionate about LEGO. At least you are dealing with a top notch company that stands behind their products 100%.

    I have to say that when I've contacted LEGO concerning [email protected] issues they have been helpful while costing LEGO money in the short term because it ensures that I spend money long term.

    Several years ago I was charged for snowflake sets that were missing from the package. Also missing were a set of oval train tracks and a train remote. I called LEGO and they removed the snowflakes from the bill (couldn't replace because out of stock) and shipped out the other missing items at no charge which is what should have been done. I also complained that my Brickmaster subscriptions weren't arriving and for the next few issues I was receiving 2! They then extended my subscription by 3 issues.

    Long story short, call customer service. They will help you on this, I am sure of it. I have never been let down by LEGO customer service reps. If the first one you speak to let's you down, ask for a supervisor. Call because you are dealing directly with someone as opposed to an email. Let them know you are not only upset but that you are a customer who spends a lot of money on LEGO.

    Keep us posted and good luck!
  • MrBerreMrBerre Member Posts: 246
    edited October 2011
    I keep getting an error claiming I haven't filled in all necessary fields, yet everything is filled in.
  • sidersddsidersdd USAMember Posts: 2,432
    I seem to recall having this problem not too long ago. I think it ended up being an email address field that I didn't fill in, and it was required because I had the 'send me spam' type option set. I think the email field was in a collapsed section.
  • brclark82brclark82 Member Posts: 217
    Be careful, this happened to me last week and I retried a few times and the next day I had 4 $200 charges on my card and had to call customer service and it still took a couple days to get them off.
  • prof1515prof1515 EarthMember Posts: 1,550
    I've found that the checkout will lag severely and even become hung between pages (dangerous when it's the last page of checkout since refreshing can create a second purchase).
  • MrBerreMrBerre Member Posts: 246
    edited October 2011
    I figured it out: I use a GMail address, and GMail allows you to adapt your email address like this: _your_gmail_login_+_a_word_you_pick_yourself_(at) (e.g. "firstname.lastname+whatever(at)") so you can easily track where your mail is coming from.

    And apparently this has stopped working on, despite the fact that it worked in the past. Didn't the say they *improved* the webshop? So why then is it a lot less user friendly -- and less compliant to Internet standards than before?
  • legoleppylegoleppy MarylandMember Posts: 76
    edited May 2012
    I just placed my 1st order on [email protected] on the 26th for both winter sets. Right now it says my order is "in process". Can someone walk me through what I should expect to see when I check my order and when I can expect my 2 sets? Both sets were in stock when I ordered them but I expect that they got a lot of orders on the 26th, I am living in Maryland, USA if that matters. Thanks!
  • 1brickshyofcrazy1brickshyofcrazy Member Posts: 31
    I think you should be OK... Some times it takes Lego shipping to get through the order process when it's a big sale and there are likely many orders. Once I had to wait at least 3 to 5 days one time before an order switched from 'in process' to 'shipped' and even get an email from them.

    After it's 'shipped' though the package usually gets to you pretty fast maybe 2 to 3 days or depending on the ship service you choose.

    Also, another delay could be the CC process just make sure that your CC info is correct and not a problem then it should be good to go/OK.

    Hope this helps answer your concern/question...
  • The_Brick_BuilderThe_Brick_Builder Member Posts: 658
    You should be fine as long as you don't receive a order cancellation from TLG. No worries as my Death Star took 5 days to process. It usually takes me 3-4 days to get it delivered to my door when I choose Standard Shipping.
  • swong1swong1 Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    Hi there,

    Has anybody ever had their order from [email protected] cancelled before?

    I made 3 separate orders for 3 Destroyers in the recent sale. (One for myself to build, one for collection/investment, and one for friend) Today I received 3 emails stating that each order had been cancelled because they "raised concerns" :(

    I emailed customer service, and they replied saying that for security reasons I had to give them a phonecall for further discussion.

    Now I suspect that the reason my orders raised suspicion is because I ordered using an Australian cc with an Australian billing address (Which is where I am currently located) but shipped the order to my US address, which understandably would flag it as possible fraud.

    Has this happened to anybody else before and had it successfully resolved on the phone?

    I'm reluctant to call them as it means staying up till the middle of the night and making a long distance call.

  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind CheshireMember Posts: 2,098
    Yeah this has arisen because you are shipping to another address. There have been problems on sites like ebay with people using someone elses credit card to make a purchase. and then shipping it out to someone else and pocketing the ebay fee which are harder to trace back to them. It sounds like they flagged it as fraud by mistake. So you will have to call them and just explain what you are doing or wait until you are next in the US. Annoying but its been a big problem (there is a ebay fraud thread somewhere).
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,157
    I have had something similar happen - ordered a DS with a newish credit card and wanted it delivered to my place of work. Wasn't the first thing i'd had ordered for delivery to work, but Lego took an exception to it. Everything was resolved over the phone with a few security questions - I suppose Lego take potential card fraud so seriously that it sometimes inconveniences the geniune owner of the card.

    Give them a ring, make sure that in reinstating your order you don't miss out on your May the fourth extras. Posting to another country from where your CC is registered would raise alarm bells in most cases, I wouldn't blame TLG for their caution in this case - maybe a "heads up" phone call prior to the order would've prevented it.
  • Cam_n_StuCam_n_Stu UKMember Posts: 368
    It is worth noting it might not have even been TLG's decision. My CC provider has blocked this type of transaction previously when there automated anti-fraud systems pick it up. My understanding is they often risk score transactions in a similar way to credit scoring and it is likely that you got flagged not just of the international shipping aspect but also the multiple-transactions which is another warning sign CC companies track.
  • SupersympaSupersympa SwedenMember Posts: 534
    I had the same, i live in Sweden, but ship to France, I called this morning, and they asked me questions. and then the lady said, all good!....but order is still on customer service....
  • luckyrussluckyruss UKMember Posts: 872
    If you can cope with the hassle, I would give them a call.

    I made several orders on 4th, including the SSD, all of which I asked to be shipped to my work address. The smaller orders went straight through (into the "In process" setting) but my SSD order got referred to "In customer services".

    It made me think about getting in touch, just to make sure it didn't get cancelled and I lost out on the offer, which I would have done tomorrow. But I then get an email today to confirm that it will be shipped - but subject to a slight backorder :-(

    Both my addresses are in the same country mind, but it did look like it had been referred for manual intervention before they processed my order (could be fraud prevention on a number of levels - size of transaction, number of duplicates, or addressing, although they might note I've had a whole bunch of orders sent to my office address).

    We've been asking them to sort out the dropshipping scam stuff, so maybe this is a minor consequence of that - albeit it does sound like it might be an inconvenience in this sort of circumstance.
  • kclebakkclebak Member Posts: 9
    edited May 2012
    My daughter’s new found interest in Lego has brought me out of the dark ages. Since then it has been amazing to see both the incredible new Lego sets from what I remember as a child and also the dollar value of certain sets. I have since decided to buy a few sets here-and-there and tuck them away for a rainy day.

    I recently received a set from Lego, where for the first time, the [email protected] was poor and there are 2 minor creases in the box. Does this change the set from MISB to NISB and thus reduce its value and should I be sending it back to Lego for a replacement? Has anyone done a return and replace with Lego and has their customer service been willing to do this for minor box damage?
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