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Mystery Pirate ship

I am just getting back into Lego after inheriting a huge box of pieces but no instructions! I've so far managed to identify and build the 8880 Supercar and 8422 motorbike but am stumped when it comes to the Pirate ship parts.  Not really my thing but would love to put it together as much as possible. 
The picture shows some of the specialist parts but there are plenty of other bricks to hopefully complete.  My guess was the 6271 Imperial flagship because of the grey deck but the sails are wrong.  I realise it is probably a combination of a couple of sets but any suggestions would be very welcome.
Thank you


  • PJ76ukPJ76uk Member Posts: 974
    Think the red prickly bushes only came in Aquazone sets, as regards the pirate parts our resident expert is probably @pxchris

    Welcome to the forum 👍
  • pxchrispxchris Member Posts: 2,438
    As you guessed, you've got the hull pieces from #6271 Imperial Flagship
    The red/white sails are from #6285 Black Seas Barracuda and the tan sails are from the merchant ship in #6277.
    Hopefully you'll have the rest of the pieces to #6271 around in your other bricks. If you're not too concerned with being a purist, there are 3rd party options for replacement sails.
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam Member Posts: 574
    edited October 2022
    The small red/white sail is from #6277 or #6267.

    The gray turret pieces where only available with Castle sets.  The corner ones were only available with #6082 and #6097.  #6082 is likely a better guess as it had both pieces plus a number of others here including the LURP.

    The small palm leaves are from 1994 or after.  The short mast rigging is from 1992 or later.  The rest are too common to be useful in an id in my opinion.
  • hagzhagz Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for all your comments. The 2 technics models I made from this box of bricks were just about complete but the rest seems a bit of a mish mash!
    But at least I know where to start now so thanks again

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