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Modular Burnout

AlmingtonAlmington Minnesota Member Posts: 6
I’ve recently moved and am getting my new LEGO space set up in my new house. One of the first things I did was pull my collection of modular buildings going back to 2010 when I I left my dark ages and I had the strangest feelings of meh when putting them up. The more I look at them it’s almost as if I’ve come to dislike them, because they take up so much of my display space. In fact I haven’t build any since the Assembly Square back in 2017 and it almost feels I’ve just been buying them every year out of habit and the fear of missing out on keeping the collection complete. 

Does anyone else feel that way? 

One of the things I’m trying to do is right size my collection, and I’m considering the that maybe it’s time for my collection of modular buildings to move on to new homes. I could certainly disassemble them as store them for later building (but how much later will that be? Likely years)  and that seems selfish of me when so many other fans would love the chance to build the retired modular buildings and enjoy looking at them every day. 

I’d have the opportunity to buy them in the future when (if?) I wanted to rebuild them but given the rate that LEGO releases new sets, I have plenty of other building options. 

Anyone go through some similar and have any advice and/or recommendations? 


  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,712
    With a lot of the news of LEGO upping their prices, the huge number of sets that would be nice to have, and the whole PaB online fiasco with part availability, combined with my lack of space to hold all of this LEGO, I have just really been burned out on LEGO in general. I did buy the Galaxy Explorer and the Lion's Knight Castle but that was primarily for nostalgia and I'll likely get the new Winter village set and modular as well, for almost only for the sake of being a completion-ist, (same when the build a minfigure gets new figures/accessories released for the LEGO stores each quarter) but I'm getting really burned out in general with LEGO. Its an ebb and floe many times feeling like this for me, but its like I just need some time away from LEGO.
  • arathemisarathemis RomaniaMember Posts: 548
    Same thing happens with Star wars ships, other creator expert lines, Ideas, I`m even considering dropping the winter village line as I don`t have space for everything in the yearly display. I bought Hogsmeade set to incorporate it in it, only to realize it doesn`t have room either.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,523
    Keep the ones you like and sell the rest. I've not bought a modular for a while now. And the ones I sold went for a very nice price to more recently started collectors.
  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,857
    edited September 2022
    I did buy the Galaxy Explorer and the Lion's Knight Castle ... and I'll likely get the new Winter village set and modular as well, for almost only for the sake of being a completion-ist, (same when the build a minfigure gets new figures/accessories released for the LEGO stores each quarter) ...

    I'd say that was more than many AFOLs might buy in a year... so would be interested to know how much you were buying when you were an avid collector...!

    I recently got the Lions Castle, being a castle fan, and assuming we won't see a full line anytime soon (perhaps we will in the future, all things tend to come full circle) but that was my biggest single lego purchase by far as an AFOL for the last 14 or so years. About 3x my usual annual hobby budget spend.

    The recent boom in vintage prices has really priced me out of the game. Part of the fun used to be picking stuff up on ebay and piecing sets together (I'm talking maybe 5ish years ago probably) but since ebay got flooded with chinese bootleg figures, its really hard to find any good lego listings let alone bargains, and post-covid, vintage prices have gone through the roof.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,523
    edited September 2022
    andhe said:and post-covid, vintage prices have gone through the roof.
    That is a good thing, at least if you are getting rid of vintage stuff! But not so much if buying.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,523

    I guess I'll have a better idea once I actually move into my new house, but don't be surprised to see me selling off a bunch of sets in the future. Although doing that would also take a huge amount of time and hassle.
    It is not really that big a deal, depending on what you want to get for the sets. If you want top bricklink prices guaranteed, you will need to sell on bricklink or ebay BIN and have irregular sales while waiting. But if you don't mind getting slightly less and possibly a bit more but want to limit time and see things move out the door, ebay auctions are great and can be cheaper than bricklink + paypal fees.

    To limit hassle, I photograph what I am about to sell then make sure I have packaging ready for each one (and might even package it after taking photos). Then stick it on ebay when they do a 70/80% off fees weekend. I get the 70% offer every two weeks, and it works out as 30p+under 4%, so cheaper than BL+paypal. I typically do auctions starting at 80% of the BL UK cheapest price, or slightly more if I feel that is lower than I would accept. Out of 25 or so sets I put on in the last few months, only one did not sell. Probably half sold for more than the low end BL prices. The sell through rate is significantly faster than BL and you can choose to only have to deal with photographing, packing and shipping five sets (or however many you want) per fortnight. On BL or ebay BIN, you might not get sales for ages, then loads all at once which can be overwhelming especially if you run out of packaging. Small volume but regular sales on ebay is far less stressful and less time consuming when it comes to packing and posting. I can photograph, list and pack five used sets in probably an hour and a half. Sealed sets are even quicker. Then maybe another hour when it comes to addressing the parcels and posting them.

  • PJ76ukPJ76uk EnglandMember Posts: 940
    I moved into my new place 6 months ago and should have a dedicated Lego room but priority has been on the kids rooms etc so my Lego room is just piles of shipping boxes of unopened Lego and stacks of really useful boxes containing my built collection. I have every modular since Grand Emporium (only missing Town Hall from 2012) but seriously considering ending that collection and using the ones I have for my sons city.  But like an addict when the next one comes out I'm sure I will be stumbling into the Lego store to get my fix...
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,523
    I find that the first one is always the hardest, whether buying or selling. I guess like anything in life, it is the first step being the hardest.

    If you miss buying one, missing the later ones is much easier as you don't "need" them to be complete again. And the same with selling, once you make it through that tough decision to sell off the first one, other ones you don't really care about follow quite easily. 

    The selling side, I have been through breaking up a complete / almost complete collection twice with modulars and CMFs. I actually found it harder for CMFs than for modulars to sell off the early ones even if I didn't really care for them. With the modulars I had stopped buying the newly released sets before I started selling the older ones. Whereas with CMFs I started selling the older ones to help stop buying new series.

  • lowleadlowlead Downeast, USAMember Posts: 675
    For my part I wouldn't categorize it as burnout, but I'll occasionally feel compelled to thin out the collection.  I learned early on that I should avoid making purchases as a completionist - there's just too many themes and sets, and not enough room.
    I recently discovered a (relatively) local brick shop that deals in current, EOL new, and used sets/minifigures.  He pays out using Bricklink 6-month averages, and it's a great way to recoup on sets that no longer interest you.
    Search for a similar shop - they seem to be sprouting up everywhere.
  • PhoenixioPhoenixio Canada/FranceMember Posts: 254
    I find that building modulars is more fun the first time than it is when you rebuild them.  I'm theorizing it's either the small bag size (which makes looking for pieces faster), or the novelty of the building.

    I do miss the display though.  The full street is gorgeous, and it fills a big Kallax really well too.  All the little stories you get to tell yourself when looking at each of them!
  • durazno33durazno33 Member Posts: 50
    I find that buying sets out of fear I might miss out on something or in case I will use it to build something in the future has led me to have more sets in storage than I can justify having in my house. For years I'd been telling myself that when I get a house, I'll build them all and display them but now that I have a house, I don't see me building and displaying those sets any time soon (my young kids would probably get into them and destroy them).  Getting a set because of fear of missing out is now being overshadowed by "I only have so much time and space" and "am I really going to build that... ever?" 
  • bmwlegobmwlego Long Island, New YorkMember Posts: 819
    I am very fortunate to have every modular in the line. I've only built CC, MS, GG, FB and Pet Shop though. I've also built about 10-12 of my own modular MOCs that take up a lot of dsiplay space. The rest of the modulars are still in their boxes.

    I keep saying I'll buy less and I really have slowed down my purchases of sets over the past few years. This is a good first step but my small room in the basement isn't getting any bigger.

    I keep buying the modulars for fear of missing out on 1 of them and not havig the entire run but I seriously don't have the room for them anymore. 

    It seems like a lot of us long time AFOLs have run into this same issue, that of the need for space to store our collections. As a result, I've decided against Ecto-1 and the Delorean. I just don't have the space for them. 
  • 12651265 The Great State of TexasMember Posts: 1,116
    edited September 2022
    I have every modular sealed, some multiple copies, with the exception of Market Street.  Yes, Market Street is part of the modular series because when it was first advertised it was clearly defined as being part of the modular series, plus Lego has confirmed this as well.  Anyways, I will continue to buy the modular series just because I'm already locked in .
  • FollowsCloselyFollowsClosely Haymarket, VAMember Posts: 1,265
      ^ Well said. In the 2000s to the early 2010s I purchased just about every large set available. I looked forward to the couple of sets that would come out. I have found that my purchases have remained steady, even though the number of large offerings has drastically increased. I have purchased the modular building every year, so that accounts for one purchase every year.

    Sets over 2,000 pieces that I purchased by year:

    2005: I purchased 0/2 sets 
    2006: I purchased 0/0 sets
    2007: I purchased 3/3 sets 10179-1 10181-1 10182-1
    2008: I purchased 3/3 sets 10189-1 10188-1 10185-1
    2009: I purchased 1/2 sets 10197-1
    2010: I purchased 3/3 sets 10214-1 10212-1 10211-1
    2011: I purchased 4/5 sets 10221-1 8110-1 10218-1 10217-1
    2012: I purchased 3/3 sets 10224-1 10225-1 10228-1
    2013: I purchased 2/4 sets 10237-1 10232-1
    2014: I purchased 3/4 sets 75059-1 70810-1 10243-1
    2015: I purchased 2/6 sets 10247-1 10246-1
    2016: I purchased 1/9 sets 10251-1
    2017: I purchased 3/11 sets 75192-1 70620-1 10255-1
    2018: I purchased 3/13 sets 42082-1 42083-1 10260-1
    2019: I purchased 4/12 sets 75252-1 42100-1 21318-1 10264-1
    2020: I purchased 2/17 sets 21322-1 10270-1
    2021: I purchased 3/25 sets 71741-1 10278-1 21325-1
    2022: I purchased 2/28 sets 10305-1 10297-1

    * Education sets not included
    * Sets I purchased to flip are not included
    11111-1 Sets I purchased and still own
    11111-1 Sets I purchased and sold after building

      Gathering these numbers has revealed to me that even though I am very much feeling like I am entering my second dark age, the numbers do not support that conclusion. I think I am feeling discouraged by the hobby because I am not interested in purchasing most of the large offerings of today. Of the almost 30 larges sets over 2000 pieces that have been release in 2022, I have purchased the two that I want. The rest just don't interest me (I may get Bowser). It is not financial constraints, but space and time constraints that cause me to pass on sets that may have lured me in 10 years ago. And this passing up of good sets is what may be discouraging me.

      All of that said, I still have all of my modular buildings, and I will continue to buy it every year, but even the modular is not a day one purchase anymore, and I am not that excited, less as the years go by.

    P.S. A yearly castle would get me excited and would be a day one purchase.

  • flightriskflightrisk USAMember Posts: 209
    Interesting topic.  I also have all the modulars and will keep buying, just haven’t been building.  I didn’t think it was burn out but that may be the case.  I do like a more challenging build now and there’s so many available it’s hard to decide.  The modulars have definitely taken a back seat when at one time they were my number one priority.  FOMO will keep me buying.  Complexity will keep me building. 
  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 2,645
    wow 28 already ? does it include the Eiffel Tower ? and there are probably more to come, including of course one that no one heard about before.

    Lego in 2024 after the nuclear apocalypse still somehow releasing 50 massive sets in a year
  • Gibbo1959Gibbo1959 Northumbria UKMember Posts: 526
    Glad I’m not the only one feeling like this. I got back into Lego in 2014 and have all Modulars from GE onwards. I think it was Town Hall that first drew me in to the theme, and like many others returning after a long gap I went a bit bonkers buying anything and everything but am now really just focusing on getting each year’s modular, winter village and Ideas buildings (but less of those recently) plus just those sets I feel I’d regret not buying. Not really invested in particular themes, having gone in on one or two like Lego movies, Ultra Agents and Nexo Knights but never completed, although I do have quite a lot of Ninjago for the big builds. My real addiction is minifigures - CMFs, magazine figs, BAM figs - you name it and that’s probably why I like the big buildings for the story telling angle. Not really built much for a while having spent last year or so mainly deconstructing and repacking everything that I had built but just gathering dust. In my mind I tell myself once I retire/have more time I’ll finally do some MOCing to create a little world for my minifigs to inhabit…only time will tell.
  • windjammerwindjammer Newcastle, UKMember Posts: 65
    Got to agree with a few of you. I own too much Lego. I own sets I've not even opened. I've got sets on display that don't bring me joy, I've bought sets because I've got carried away with the hype. I'm currently liquidating parts of my collection but it's a slow progress. I need to build a set to ensure all the pieces are there before I sell it, and the whole packaging of large boxes is a PITA.

    Modular buildings though, along with the Ninjago city series, well I still love them. Thought the last 2 were great. I'll probably keep buying them unless they change the formula into something I don't like, like a facade as they did with the Winter Village

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