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How Lego saved my life....again.

Redeemed44Redeemed44 Norfolk, VaMember Posts: 4

  The thing that drew me out of my dark ages was a small star wars ship I was assembling for my nephew., the name and set # elude me at the moment. My life was in a sorta blurry phase where i was looking for something, I had read 100’s of dense thick intellectual books, had an insane exercise routine, for the first time in my life I knew if I kept doing right it will only get better. My mental ilness was under control as well as my addictions. I was like wow Lego is pretty cool now. This could be a new hobby I thought, I kinda liked them when I was younger but had only small city and space sets. So then it began, everything I ordered at first was star wars, $70 here $100 over there. I would take therm down when my nephew came over and we would play, but dammit!! They kept falling apart and I didnt like fixing them, I dont want to build this again.You know what happened next???? Kragle, and yes it was TLM that inspired me to do such a horrible thing. My first large set was a mid-range Star destroyer, then I Pulled the trigger…$700 Retired UCS Super Star  destroyer…. And yes…. I kragled it….Noooo. It was so challenging for me, I had no big building experience but I loved it and it set the tone for me….BIG SETS the bigger the better don’t waste time on those little guys. As a point of reference I have roughly 150 sets That I have gathered since 2015 and my average pc count per set is 1,400, coming in around $25,000 retail. 

  I dont know how long it took to start looking at fan created web sites but most likely it was when I discovered directions to custom modulars and I had also just purchased the Palace Cinema which was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. It was the first set I ever put back together and probably built it 15 times before I sold it years ago. So i was looking into the custom modulars and wondered how to do it… I didn’t know Bricklink or BrickOwl existed. I have a motto I kinda live by, I’m sure many will recognise it… “Chance favors the prepared mind” I was on the phone with one of Lego customer service agents and somehow we got on the subject of web sites, I had just found Brickset and used it only as a news fee and wasn’t even registered. So I look up BrickOwl and BAM there iit was… This is how you get the pcs to build the custom sets. I am not that technically savvy and I rarely ask for help or constantly google how to do this or that I am very much auto didactic which leads me down many tangents but I like it, it’s exciting for me. I purchased plans for a cafe/library custom modular and printed an inventory. I had no idea what I was looking at…what id that piece, color??? WTF pearl gold…sounds expensive….elemt id why is this one 4 digits and that one five, and whats all the numbers in the manual. Slowly I work through it. It took me YEARS to figure out there was a wishlist, I would look for a store with a huge amount of inventory then go through each pc the see if they had it, and on and on,$100’ in unnecessary shipping fees. Colors….omfg. Light grey, light-bluish grey, stone grey…that one also took years to figure out. I thought for the longest time the original grey pieces were just old discolored light and dark bluish ones cursing the person that sent them to me. Maybe I should have complained then I would have learned earlier.But i did it and despite all the work and time I did it.


  • Redeemed44Redeemed44 Norfolk, VaMember Posts: 4

      My first inclination of Lego as a commodity to sell or trade was when I finally clicked on that little forum tab. First forum I ever joined for anything….kindred soles talking nothing but Lego, good banter, lots of content, then I found the Marketplace and was floored that people traded Lego. I wanted in. My second post after my introduction was to trade my older UCS Batman Tumbler, it was the first big set I bought that I was disappointed so I posted. Wanted to trade for a NSIB Architecture set. I went with the first response, I will name this member as I’m sure he wouldn’t mind….an mr @SumoLego which kicked of years of interactions between us. He offered me a NSIB Imperial Gardens sets and I leapt at it. I caught the bug bad. I wondered how do people get these sets they sell? So I already knew about CL selling things and searched Lego and there it was….someone was selling 100’s of sets, there were so many sets, huge sets… star wars, modulars, city, and and on and on… contained one of the holy grails…..Market Street Modular that I didnt even know it was in there until weeks into the project at the bottom of the box, but thankfully my Lego knowledge at the time was sufficient enough that I knew what it was. It was the PERFECT lot for a beginner and if it didnt start this way I would never have come as far as I have. Almost every set was in an assemble state between 70-95% complete and scattered among many bins and boxes. It was an amazing collection but the why I got them was a truly sad circumstances. The seller was a teen around 17, in a wheelchair, he had MS, he had been spending his disability check on nothing but Lego for years… he loved it, things got soi bad he just couldn’t even look at them anymore, he only wanted $2000 for it, I bought it on the spot. Had I known what was in that lot now I would’ve given him double that given the circumstances and that you might say is where I developed my Lego Ethics. I loved Lego, he loved Lego, the people on this forum love Lego. I took pic when I got it home and created a thread with a long posting like this one telling the story and saying I need help with this and that when it was ready I would offer all the sets to the forum at very reasonable prices so that once again these Lego would be loved. I waqs true to my word and made a good profit, today I know how many $1000’s I could have had but that wasnt what's it was about, never was.

        Then there was my first bulk lot. Still the biggest thing I ever bought. Bin after bin of loose pcs, nearly complete sets, new sets. There was one bin that was the size of a tub containing 100,000pcs. I grabbed all the nearly complete sets and did what I knew to do from the previous lot. Then what? What do I do with all these looses pcs?? It sat in my garage for almost a year then finally I said you gotta figure this out. I found Rebrickable and just started bit by bit figuring out how to categorise things find the color, type, mold variation. I am semi-retired and only 44 so I have mountains of free time and I spent 10-12 hours a day 7 days a week painstakingly figuring out how to devise a system in which out of hundreds of thousand of Lego I could find a single pc in less than a minute. One of my proudest achievements EVER! I didn’t watch videos or solicit advice… and I became a reseller. I carried my Lego Ethic into being a reseller on e-bay. I was so excited selling my first set on there that I included a handwritten note with a minifigure corresponding to the theme they Purchased and thanked them and did this many times with my early orders. I would work with the sometimes request for a lower price if the set was for a child and they only had x amount of dollars from birthday or christmas or whatever it may be. I was a good seller, quick, consistent and accessible. Over 6 years one bad feedback….complaint of poor pc quality, and he was right, I had the thought about it while looking at some of the pcs assembling it. Two instances of missing pcs and I made it right with alacrity.

  • Redeemed44Redeemed44 Norfolk, VaMember Posts: 4

      And we arrive at the present. Over the last 1.5 years I have lost nearly everything I loved. My mental health went down the hill, my addictions came back. Since january I have been hospitalised many times for psychiatric and medication issues. I’ll not get into the personal about what transpired or what I have lost in that realm and will stick to Lego. I have been living between two residences for over a year, my house and my girlfriends. It started small, I would either bring and old set to her place to build or just get my new ones sent there. She made a spot for in the house for my stuff and it was fine. As the personal problems start increasing i’m being careless with my collection. I think that I may be more of a rarity in the Lego community in that I rebuild sets A LOT, big sets. I have assembled the Lamborgini Scion 5 times and took it apart, to dissemble that set into 4 stages takes me 3hours so I am someone who does something with lego nearly everyday for  many hours. I have limited display space so I’m always recycling and I buy so much, I bought $8000 last year. It happened slowly but I got lazy, I only wanted to build. Sets were piiling up at my house when I stayed here and also at my girls, pcs falling off….. Where does this go, where did i put the people for that set and then it happened. In early january because of a psychiatric med I shouldn’t have taken I had a break from reality in which I went through my house and just destroyed whole displays, stomped on modulars on the floor, emptied gallon bag after gallon bag on my bedroom floor.It was an utter disater when I got home. I love my Lego, how could I do this. I am still recovering from that I was just so fed up with it and wanted it away so much that while trying to resurrect the Parisian Restreraunt I made what may have been the weirdest listing ever on ebay, offereng the set 95% complete with the unique pcs and only missing one figure for $150. The listing was something like destroyed some lego displays and dont feel like figuring it all out but if you wanna take a chance this is accurate then you can have a steal, I’m sure my prior feedback contributed to the sale. I have sold  many big, desirable rare sets in the over the last few months for no reason just very erratic. I have had several returns, this store that meant so much to me, my Lego ethic gone, mistake after mistake. I never intentionally sent someone a set that I KNEW there were the issues they brought up. My postings were jumbled, someone would contact me and be like those figures you posted don’t belong to that set and other rookie mistakes. I couldn’t believe it!

      I am happy to announce that I am sober now and am in a good place psychologically too. While still caught in my downward spiral I found a small lot, maybe 35,000 pcs of mosty city sets but with some nice trains. I have been sorting and inventorying for about a week now and have that feeling that :ego used to give me. I have so much work to do to get things back in order, I could easily spend several hours a day for over a year to get things back to where they used to be that its just easy. I want this set….I go take it from its bin, I locate the manual build it and all the pcs are there and take one down from display and put that one away, and the same goes for individual pcs. I don’t know what this thread will bring forth but it’s been awhile since I communicated on here and would love to hear anyone’s thoughts about any of this directly or indirectly. 

      All my accounts were hacked months ago so this is a new account previously I had an account under the user name Themaker…. But there was a number after that and I unsure what it was? Maybe 37. Thanks

  • ModeltrainmanModeltrainman Reading my Bible, sorting and buildingMember Posts: 1,042
    Welcome! I'll be praying for you!
  • Cassy0110Cassy0110 FranceMember Posts: 9
    I'm new too, I'm glad that you're here! 
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