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Are these LEGO panels?

ModeltrainmanModeltrainman Member Posts: 1,315
No LEGO logos, or indeed ANYONE'S.


  • The_RancorThe_Rancor Member Posts: 2,619
    The arch looks too wide to be an official Lego piece. Could they be customs of some sort?
  • WesterBricksWesterBricks Member Posts: 951
    I had those exact panels as a kid. They’re not Lego, but I can’t remember who they were. I’ll follow up if I figure it out.
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,235 mean there are other toy companies that make interlocking plastic bricks? 🤔
  • rd1899rd1899 Member Posts: 211
    No.  They're from a (defunct?) knock-off brand, "COKO", that I've never heard of.
    For better photos, see this current eBay listing of a 'bags sealed' open box:
    The history section of Lego's website mentions the COKO brand on its page "LEGO® factories in South Korea":

    In 1985, the LEGO Group opens its first factory in South Korea. The 3,700‑m² plant at Kunpo is sited approx. 25 km south of Seoul. The first locally molded LEGO element, a red 2x4 brick, rolls off the production line on March 27.

    The LEGO Group’s decision to set up molding in South Korea is reached for several reasons. The company observes an economic development in this part of Asia, which can increase its share of the market. At the same time international competition, with the appearance of more imitation products, may well spread beyond South Korea. A South Korean product, COKO, a copy of LEGO products, is already gaining ground in Korea.

    The fact that a company must set up local production in order to enter the market in this part of Asia is also a contributing factor for the decision.

    The early campaign in South Korea are not easy for the LEGO Group. With COKO already on the market, it is difficult for LEGO products to establish a presence. Initially, LEGO products are actually assumed to be copies of COKO, not vice versa!

    (At first, I thought they might be Tyco Super Blocks, because Tyco did make at least one castle set.)
  • ModeltrainmanModeltrainman Member Posts: 1,315
    Thanks, everybody! Nobody wants them, do they?

  • Gibbo1959Gibbo1959 Member Posts: 553
    Nobody wants them, do they?

    Question or statement?
  • ModeltrainmanModeltrainman Member Posts: 1,315
    Gibbo1959 said:
    Nobody wants them, do they?

    Question or statement?
    Question. It'd have to be US only, probably, but figured asking wouldn't hurt, before I throw them out.
  • CharmiefcbCharmiefcb Member Posts: 451
    Hahaha Cocko.
    Just did a quick search and Coko seems to still be around but mainly educational toys aimed at schools and teachers. Only seeing their products on educational stores and not sites like standard toy stores or Target etc.
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam Member Posts: 574
    No logos nearly always means no.  Only earlier bricks don't logos.
  • ModeltrainmanModeltrainman Member Posts: 1,315
    No logos nearly always means no.  Only earlier bricks don't logos.
    Thank you!

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