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  • veyniacveyniac Member Posts: 312
    I mean, I'm not forcing you to make these :)
    What I have in the test image is probably all that I will do for now for the Ancient city- the model is already over a thousand pieces, and I want to release it around the time of the update (tomorrow). However, I will probably expand it later, which might make it a 2-3 thousand piece model in the end.
  • veyniacveyniac Member Posts: 312
    It is done!
    I will probably expand on it later; I was going to do more, but I was running out of time and figured most people would only want the portal anyway. As usual, the instructions are on Rebrickable, but if anyone from this thread wants them for free, lmk
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    I was just looking through the various Minecraft sets listed on Brickset and I suddenly noticed this:

    2013 - 3
    2014 - 7
    2015 - 4
    2016 - 8
    2017 - 9
    2018 - 10
    2019 - 9
    2020 - 13
    2021 - 11
    2022 - 18

    We have already had EIGHTEEN Lego Minecraft sets this year, significantly beating every single previous year!

    OK, three of those are the new Lego Minecraft magazine gifts and one is yet to be revealed, if at all, #21182.

    I speculated years ago about the possibility that Lego Minecraft didn't have much longer to live, but Lego definitely seem to have had other ideas and things have gone from strength to strength. I wonder what 2023 holds!
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    Posting separately about the newly-revealed sets:

    #21189 The Skeleton Dungeon - This looks really nice, although obviously very similar in structure to #21119 The Dungeon, with Skeletons instead of Zombies and a Lush Cave look. Skeleton Spawner, new Stalactites & Stalagmites, a new Baby Skeleton and Player Skin. The UK price looks good, EU and, especially $, are perhaps a little high.
    #21190 The Abandoned Village - Although having some nice features (Zombie Villagers, new Player skin, Black Cat, lots of Pumpkins), the set itself looks a little uninspired, especially when considering the price. One to pick up on discount.
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    Sorry for the multiple posts, but I thought it best to keep each subject separate.

    I watched Jangbricks' video review of #21188 The Llama Village last night ( and was really blown away by the set. Seeing it in great detail not only shows off its impressive size, but also just how well done the overall implementation is. The interior is great, as are all the small sub-builds. It is expensive but, I think, very good value.

    I'm not a huge advocate for the number of Player-Built structures that Lego have been putting out, as I would prefer more in-game "canon" sets, but I have to admit that most of them are really good sets. I especially like #21155 The Creeper Mine and this one is also really fantastic.
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    Well, the first Lego Minecraft 2023 sets have been announced!

    As expected, there are a couple of themed "Player-built" sets, but some other sets as well:

    Just picking out a few highlights of each set in turn:

    #21240 The Swamp Adventure - Nice, small build with a Frog! :-)
    #21241 The Bee Cottage - Player-built Bee House, new player skin, Baby Zombie, more Bees and a natural Beehive
    #21242 The End Arena - Enderman, two new player skins and LOTS of Enchanted Weapons and Armour. PLUS what looks like two new parts to help recreate a Shulker! :-))
    #21243 The Frozen Peaks - Nice medium-sized build with what I'm guessing is Green Dyed Leather Armour, Stalagmites and a Goat! I think the skeleton is meant to be a Stray, but it really needs a cloth addition to its clothing.
    #21244 The Sword Outpost - Another player-built structure with two new player skins, what looks like a Jukebox and a Music Disc, as well as an Allay (a small flying mob, similar in look to a Vex, but more friendly!)
    #21245 The Panda Haven - A third player-built structure with a new player skin, two Pandas, one Baby and one Adult.
    #21246 The Deep Dark Battle - NICE! Where to start? Another two new player skins, lots of Candles and Soul Torches, Skulk Shriekers (using the same new part as the Shulker), Soul Fire, what I think are meant to represent Skulk Sensors and / or Skulk Catalysts. The terrain is probably meant to be part of an Ancient City and the pièce de résistance is a brick-built Warden, which looks great! :-)))

    In total, I think there are EIGHT new player skins and only a single Steve & Alex. Steve is dressed in a Green get-up, so is new from that perspective.
    There are three player-built structures, though you could probably argue that part of The End Arena is also player-built. They all look pretty good though!
    There are also a number of new mobs: Allay, Frog, Shulker, Stray (?) & Warden, as well as a return of the relatively new Goat.

    I've probably missed a load of things in this quick overview but, overall, I'm really liking the look of these new sets for 2023 and look forward to seeing some more pictures, as well as the parts lists! :-)
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck Member Posts: 1,591
    edited June 1
    Just a very quick comment or two about the recently announced Summer Minecraft sets.

    #21247 The Axolotl House - New player skin, 2 Axolotls, including a new light blue one, a Dolphin, a Drowned and a Bucket of Axolotl
    #21248 The Pumpkin Farm - A Witch, the new Hoe, a Frog (new in light grey) and Frog Spawn. Finally, what looks like a printed food item on a plate.
    #21249 The Crafting Box 4.0 - Nothing too new, apart from the Sheep, which looks to be in Dark Azure and also perhaps the Cats / Ocelots are in a new colour. I've not checked.
    #21250 The Iron Golem Fortress - Two new player skins, a nice new Shield print, a Charged Creeper (only before in #21137 The Mountain Cave and #21174 The Modern Treehouse), two Skeleton Horses with Riders

    Hmm, all four are player-built structures (in their default build, ignoring that you can do anything with Lego!) and 3 of the four are more mob / item-inspired buildings. Even the second build that we can see for the Crafting Box is another mob-building. I do like the giant Iron Golem build though!

    I do think this is getting a bit lazy of Lego, to be honest, but they must be selling well for them to keep designing them!

    Some nice new skins / mobs / items though, which is good. :-)
  • Leon_1Leon_1 Member Posts: 3
    Thanks JudgeChuck for the update,😀 I liked the Mountain Cave. 
  • Brickfan50Brickfan50 Member Posts: 479

    #21244 The Sword Outpost - Another player-built structure with two new player skins, what looks like a Jukebox and a Music Disc, as well as an Allay (a small flying mob, similar in look to a Vex, but more friendly!)

    I have stopped collecting Minecraft but I made an exception for this set. The introduction of the jukebox in the LEGO Minecraft world was a nice surprise, as well as the Allay.
    I've enjoyed the build very much!
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