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(UK) series 1 -16 CMF for sale

UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 630
I have all sets 1-16 and simpsons, DBF olympic and disney.
Some new in sealed packs, most opened but not used
They will be listed on ebay but would prefer to sell on here.
I'm in the processing of pricing /photo them but my prices are always better than fair.
Drop   me a message with any offer, I will get back to you as soon as I can (family commitments heavy at the weekend!)


  • UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 630
    If anyone is feeling flush and interested in all 16 + sets simpsons1,Disney1, and DBF.
    I would let them all go for £1000 freepost!
  • PJ76ukPJ76uk EnglandMember Posts: 863
    You haven't mentioned if series 10 includes Mr Gold! 😂
  • nerick906nerick906 Bristol, UKMember Posts: 428
    any move on it at all @UKtsumi ?
  • UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 630
    No response on here ..  I've put them on eBay , sold about half, wrong time of year to be selling but needs must!  I can take offers and do deals for multiple sets .
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,484
    You're much more likely to get a sale on ebay than here. Make sure you list them on one of the 70% off weekends (or 80% if you're lucky) and the fees are pretty reasonable.

    Good luck!
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