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Possible different year of introduction for an old set?



  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Minnesota, USMember Posts: 5,224
    PDelahanty said:

    .....I really never expected this to launch such a fascinating conversation about copyright dates, catalogs, and sources for old Lego set data.

    Some of us need to get out a bit more I think, myself included!
    Maybe we’re all still here because we didn’t get out more :)
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,331
    edited February 25
    @LusiferSam Thanks for all those 1970s set images... besides the problematic dating of sets issue, your images pointed out the fact that after the 1972 revoking of the USA Samsonite LEGO license, that for many years in the 1970s the new (Enfield CT) USA LEGO plant took some time to get online and up to full production.  So many 1970s USA sets came with parts produced in Denmark (and Switzerland), and only packaged in Enfield.  By about 1980 the USA production was full steam... and most parts were produced in the USA.  This helps explain why some items, such as LEGO trains and LEGO parts packs (931-941) were not sold in the USA in the 1970s. 
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam MontanaMember Posts: 555
    I really never expected this to launch such a fascinating conversation about copyright dates, catalogs, and sources for old Lego set data.
    I think this is great subject.  And one that really needs some discussion.  I've not even brought up the more problematic issue of early releases on modern set yet (hint, hint this is coming).  Thank you for starting the ball rolling.

    As for where I got the old newspaper ads.  I signed up two years ago.  I was trying to do some non-Lego related research (I do have other interests).  With everything going into lock down this was the next best to going to the library to look at old newspapers.  My local newspaper is not on here, limiting the usefulness of the original intent. But it has proved useful in other ways.  This was a quick search and limited.  I can dig that deeper if there is there interest.

  • jason1976jason1976 LondonMember Posts: 284
    edited March 9
    Here's another interesting (well I think it is) one for you all...

    I was looking at classic space Lego sets and noticed that #454 (Lunar Landing Plates) is listed as being released in 1979, but the Brickset image includes sets such as the Galaxy Commander #6980 and the Space Supply station #6930 that were released in 1983!

    The image of #454 isn't the best but if I zoom in I think I can see 1983 as the copyright date on it.

    The Brickset page says #454 is the US version of #306 which was also released in 1979. The main image for #306 shows sets around in 1979 but I noticed there is a second image for 306 and that also shows 6980 and 6930!

    I'm guessing that Lego must have updated the packaging for 454 and 306 to advertise the newer sets but a bit strange they changed the copyright date on 454? Might make it even harder to work out the dates for years of introduction if there are more examples like that!

  • 560Heliport560Heliport Twin Cities, MN, USAMember Posts: 3,156
    You should check out the Town road plates #6310, #6311, #6312, and #6313! The plates themselves are from 1986, but the images Brickset has are early 1990s. #6313 shows a "©1986, 1992" and shows sets up to at least 1991. #6312 depicts Launch Command sets from 1995! The next series of road plates are from 1997. I think they updated the packaging about every two years, so at least some of the sets shown would still be on shelves.
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Twin Cities, MN, USAMember Posts: 3,156
    ^ My eyes! My eyes! 😱I can't unsee the horror: the 2002 roadplates show both minifigures and Jack Stone-type figures in the same town!! That ain't right, that just ain't right...
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