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Question about incomplete sets

Andyj26Andyj26 Member Posts: 16

I'm in the process of going through my boxes to build up what I have so I can sell it on.  I've got loads of older sets with instructions where I'm missing a few pieces to complete it.  Am I better off buying from bricklink to complete the sets or selling as is?  For example, I've got the complete builds of sets 6970 and 6971 apart from the crater bases



  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    It depends on the price of the parts you are missing. If they are cheap parts, it is probably worth buying them. If the are expensive parts (compared to the set price), then you might as well just sell the remainder you have as incomplete.
  • Andyj26Andyj26 Member Posts: 16
    Cheers - I'm kind of torn as the sets have sat in boxes in the garage for years.  I think I'd like to sell them complete wherever possible so people are getting the whole thing

    There's a couple of sets where the missing parts would be more than the kit itself so I'll leave those ones though.  I'm thinking of sets like 6980 and 6985 where I'm missing a few bits and pieces
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