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BendyBadger's Brickset BonusBall Bonanza - SumoLego @lowlead Edition! (Drawing 12/31/2021)



  • Sethro3Sethro3 United StatesMember Posts: 937
    Die Hard is a Christmas movie because it is based around a Christmas party. AND Bruce himself decorated a fella with a Santa hat and the words Ho Ho Ho on his chest. Very Christmassy, Bruce.
  • im2cre8ivim2cre8iv Utah, USAMember Posts: 156
    It is a Christmas movie because it has a positive message in it for kids…
  • BrickByBrickBrickByBrick Massachusetts, USAMember Posts: 721
    It's a movie that take place at christmas and has Christmas music. Must be a Christmas movie
  • FodderFodder AustraliaMember Posts: 343
    I’ve narrowed it down to two options; ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • LobotLobot UKMember Posts: 1,016
    I've had this 'discussion' with my wife on several occasions, but she's still not convinced by my arguments (many based on the above comments).  However, it was actually on ITV4 last night which pretty much settles it as far as I'm concerned - it's a Christmas movie :-)

    Many thanks to @SumoLego and @lowlead for their amazing generosity! 

  • CaptainRogersCaptainRogers Greensboro, NCMember Posts: 858
    I'd say Die Hard is just as much of a Christmas movie as Home Alone.  Both of the individual premises don't have to center around Christmas. A man fighting off terrorists or a kid fighting off two burglars is its own thing. But by placing said film in December, and all the festivities that entails, the stories are enhanced.
  • evantylerevantyler Central OhioMember Posts: 84
    This is where I pop in to say that I've never seen "Die Hard" so I can't weigh in! (Gasp!) Instead, I'll go back to watching "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town"--my favorite Christmas movie! 
  • FireFox31FireFox31 NH, USAMember Posts: 209
    edited December 2021
    "Now I have a machine gun.  Ho - Ho - Ho."  Thus, Christmas movie.
    Really, it's an "Why is everyone else an idiot?" movie.
    Donation sent.  Thanks for the generosity.
  • pxchrispxchris Oregon, USAMember Posts: 1,927
    Bruce Willis is Santa Claus.
  • sweetness34sweetness34 San Diego, CA.Member Posts: 372
    Like reindeer games it’s a movie that takes place during Christmas, but not a Christmas movie. 
  • CoviCovi BelgiumMember Posts: 314
    Yes, off course it's a Christmas movie.
    - It takes place at Christmas.
    - Even at a Christmas Party.
    - His wife is named Holly.
    - Full of Christmas music.
    - Full of references towards Xmas. (Ho ho ho, ...)
    - It even has a happy ending.

    It also the perfect addition after Home Alone when the younger kids are already to bed and an old uncle is still raging on over some current pandemic. It gives the older ones something else during the evening. :-)
  • MugenPowerMugenPower Member Posts: 598
    I think people started saying it's a Christmas movie because it somehow became the "cool" thing to do.  That makes me sound like "an old."  Wait, did I do that right?
  • J0rgenJ0rgen NorwayMember Posts: 490
    To paraphrase Argyle: «This is a Christmas movie!»
  • sipusssipuss PolandMember Posts: 144
    It's been a while since I've seen it during Christmas but yes, it is absolutely a Christmas movie.
  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Minnesota, USMember Posts: 5,166
    edited December 2021
    I haven’t seen it in 20+ years, but now I can say I learned something! I didn’t know it was based on a novel.

    But, was it a Christmas novel?
  • GIR3691GIR3691 Member Posts: 674
    Die Hard is absolutely a Christmas movie.
  • Dude4LegoDude4Lego Minnesota Member Posts: 30
    As far as Christmas movies go, Elf we watch first and then Die Hard. It has so much Christmas references that it definitely a Christmas movie. Which is kinda strange that it was released in the middle of the summer in the theaters, but yet we all seem to agree that it’s a Christmas movie.
  • LASELASE The NetherlandsMember Posts: 5
    Any film broadcasted around Christmas is a Christmas-movie. (Never seen the movie btw)
  • norm103norm103 Member Posts: 297
    Die hard took place at a Christmas party   And is played ever year at said time in my house
  • RraiderRraider USMember Posts: 46
    Sorry, it’s not a Christmas movie. It just takes place at Christmas. Other similar movies aren’t considered Christmas movies, like Lethal Weapon, do Die Hard isn’t ether. 
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 3,237
    Well done for running this @SumoLego - and to @lowlead for providing the prizes. I was too late to take part here, but I'll be looking for the next one shortly.

    In any case, Die Hard is a Christmas movie because Bruce Willis' noggin looks like a Christmas bauble.
  • lowleadlowlead Downeast, USAMember Posts: 470

    With a July 1988 release date, I would say that Die Hard was originally a Summer blockbuster that was only Christmas 'adjacent', but over time developed into a holiday tradition.  We made it a Christmas movie.  
  • BooTheMightyHamsterBooTheMightyHamster Northern edge of London, just before the dragons...Member Posts: 1,455
    /wonders if @SumoLego has done a moonlight flit with the two lightsabers...

  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFW/BGMember Posts: 7,295
    /wonders if @SumoLego has done a moonlight flit with the two lightsabers...

    He is probably just struggling with a reality in which his Buffalo Bills are actually good. It is a lot to take in.
  • KungFuKennyKungFuKenny Somewhere between Ice Station Odyssey and FabulandMember Posts: 2,361
    edited January 3
    /wonders if @SumoLego has done a moonlight flit with the two lightsabers...

    He always wanted to pretend he was Ahsoka Tano…
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 15,023
    edited January 4
    He always wanted to pretend he was Ahsoka Tano…
    I missed out on those white Rebels-era lightsabers that they had at Galaxy's Edge.  I'm patiently waiting for a re-release based on the Mandalorian or Ahsoka...

    In the meantime, I did buy a Darksaber.  So... I'm happy.
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 3,237
    Thank you for including me @SumoLego and congrats to @Rraider!
  • BooTheMightyHamsterBooTheMightyHamster Northern edge of London, just before the dragons...Member Posts: 1,455
    Excellent!  Glad you're back online @SumoLego, and thanks for all the organising.
    Cheers to @lowlead for the generous donations, and congrats to @Rraider!
  • VgangVgang CyprusMember Posts: 80
    Congrats to @Rraider
  • f2iso100f2iso100 United StatesMember Posts: 63
    Thanks for organising this, @SumoLego - this has been a lot of fun! And congratulations to @Rraider
  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 2,123
    Thanks for organising this one @SumoLego and to @lowlead for being so generous. Congrats to @Rraider on the win.
  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind Brickset's Secret HeadquatersMember Posts: 2,052
    Thanks to @SumoLego and @lowlead for sorting this out it has been good for it to be back.
  • pxchrispxchris Oregon, USAMember Posts: 1,927
    Congrats @Rraider and thanks to @SumoLego and @lowlead!
  • lowleadlowlead Downeast, USAMember Posts: 470
    WooHOOOO!!  Congrats @Rraider!!
    Best of luck to the next contestants!

  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross East Anglia (UK)Member Posts: 1,619
    Huzzahs and medals all round!
    Congratulations @Rraider :-)
  • lowleadlowlead Downeast, USAMember Posts: 470
    SumoLego said:
    I really, really appreciate @lowlead for being so charitable with the prizes - and I also appreciate all of the participation for those in Forum!....
    This has been a BLAST so far!  I'm definitely on board to make this a holiday tradition once again!

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