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Question about the suggestion box

CalabarCalabar Member Posts: 9
edited December 2021 in

Some times ago I sent three ideas (#576, #579 and #580) that I'd like to see realized on brickset.
I received a positive answer to one of them (and unfortunately no answer to the remaining two), where part of the request was fulfilled I received a clarification on other points of the request.

Unfortunately it seems there was some kind of misunderstanding about some parts of the request, but it seems there is no way to replay to the staff's answer. I could understand if this was a precise choice, anyway I think it would be useful sometimes.

So the question is: is it possible to replay in some way and clarify the misunderstandings?


  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,076
    edited December 2021
    Feel free to discsuss here

    #576: Increase limit for multiple set search and improvement
    I think I implemented most of this, as I said the last part of it was a bit complex and probably not likely to receive much use

    #579: Improve Amazon Watch among news
    The problem with tabbed information is that nobody clicks on tabs when scrolling down the page. I agree that a better way to see all the latest alerts is needed, though.

    #580: Clickable preview popop when mouse over on a set's number.
    It was difficult enough getting the existing solution working satisfactorarily!
  • CalabarCalabar Member Posts: 9
    edited December 2021
    Thanks for the attention. :)

    The misunderstanding is about sorting the result: very interesting it is possible to apply a sorting method, but my request was to "don't" apply any sorting method but maintain the list in the same order it is written. So if my search string is:,4886-1,10229-1,8017-1
    I expect to see the train, the house, the cottage and the tie fighter in this order instead than the list ordered by some default criteria.
    The second issue is that it is impossible to mix set's number with suffix with set's number without suffix. That means that if in a long list there is a single set with a suffix different from -1, I've to write the whole using suffixes. Maybe this is easy to fix.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that the most of the users follow only the news for the discounts of their country because no one wants to see the main page flooded by the discounts of the rest of the world, even if this information could be useful sometimes (I bought from amazon outside Italy many times).
    In this (I suppose common) situation the tabbed layout becomes a chance to take a look at the other marketplaces with a simple click and without compromising the readability of the home page, not an obstacle.
    I mean, it is better to check other marketplaces with a single click instead than not check them at all because you removed them from the news' list.
    Even better if it would be possible to show more amazon watch news with a different country tab selected in order to preserve the present functionality. For example if I usually check and I can see both of them among the news but each list will maintain the tabbed layout allowing me to see other marketplaces with a single click when I see one of them.

    I can understand.
    Maybe a simple solution could be add a simple link icon next to the set's number when the link don't lead to the set in the database, for example #31120
  • CalabarCalabar Member Posts: 9
    edited January 2022
    Just for knowledge, I'm still here! ^_^
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