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Young Boba Fett to trade for friends set /poly bags

UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 626
edited April 2012 in Marketplace
Hi this is my first ever post, I have aquired a young Boba Fett and would like to trade for some friends poly bags or other friends small set. They dont have to be sealed as they will be played with.


  • teal93mr2teal93mr2 USAMember Posts: 989
    Sure, I have some friends stuff to trade. What exactly would you want?
  • UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 626
    any of 3932/ 3933/3934 would be perfect-( as she has stephanie and emma)
  • UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 626
    It has a tiny mark on the back leg and two at the front by the knees - very small and hard to photograph - take a look at the photos
  • UKtsumiUKtsumi Member Posts: 626
    UK swaps preffered, as it takes a while to get here from the US, and now Ive promised her a set she doesnt really want to wait 2 weeks.
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