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WTTF: My Bionicle/HERO Factory for your Tiny Turbos

gelkstergelkster Member Posts: 927
12 Bionicle/HERO Factory figures to trade for Tiny Turbos!  I'm not fully educated in Bio/HF but these are mostly complete (98%+) & some weapons may be switched around.
As for the Tiny Turbos, I dont need packaging or manuals & it's fine of some minor stickers (taillight, etc.) are missing.

*2192 Drilldozer
*7117 Gresh
*7135 Takanuva
*7136 Skrall
*7145 Von Nebula 
*7148 Meltdown 
*7157 Thunder
*7164 Preston Stormer
*7167 William Furno
*7169 Mark Surge
*8985 Ackar (x2)

I also have a working pulsating Inika Ice Sword I thought belonged to the Preston Stormer fig. 

I am VERY flexible & will try to work the trade in your favor & ensure your satisfaction!

Continental US only please!! I'm located near St Paul MN (55016)


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.