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Modulars: What’s Next? What’s Missing?



  • PhoenixioPhoenixio CanadaMember Posts: 74
    I've been wondering for ages why they didn't do a Post Office, especially early on with how so many of the buildings had those red mailboxes.

    The Lego Idea Museum was so well crafted, I hope they took inspiration from it and will do something similar.  It'd be nice to have a bigger one (Assembly Square size), but that submission had nailed it within regular modular size.

    A Bike shop would be really great as well.  There's a MOC that did one pretty well, but it was really difficult to get into contact with the creators.

    Otherwise I quite like when they mix commercial and residential, like the Detective's Office, which contains no less than 5 different businesses/units.  I wonder if they'll ever do an hospital, considering there are already quite a few healthcare units spread throughout the modulars.  It'd be great to have a record shop mixed in with a music venue, but that's something I wanted to try MOCing myself from the Vidiyo stages (all their backstage stuff would make a great floor).
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