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UK Seller WW Various New In Box Sets, Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Lego Movie, Town

sliverbrichsliverbrich Member Posts: 81
Hello Bricksetters, 

I've gone through my collection and these sets are all new in box and I don't have space for them anymore, hopefully someone on here does! Always happy to do deal/combine postage.

#40252 (box has slight marks) £16
#70800 (box has marks, a rip and sticker on) £15
#70847 £20
#41488 (slight marks) £18
#41628 £15
#40221 £8
#6652 £30
#6653 £30
#75183 £36
#70608 £28
#76025 £25
#21109 £32 (box has slight marks)
#70831 £32
#70818 £28
#76058 £33
#21312 £36
#70651 £30
#50003 £26
#76039 £20
#75137 £33


  • FizyxFizyx ColoradoMember Posts: 1,133
    PM sent!
  • nerick906nerick906 Bristol, UKMember Posts: 417
    Hey, could you drop me some PMs with pictures of 6653 J? also interested in 40252 and 21109 :)
  • sliverbrichsliverbrich Member Posts: 81
    #76039 is sold along with other sets
  • sliverbrichsliverbrich Member Posts: 81
    I do have a toy r us lego minifigure pack for sale plus cmf minifigures,
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.