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Connect the parts

PaperballparkPaperballpark Member Posts: 4,270
edited March 2021 in Everything else LEGO
As the 'unusual parts' game seems to have run its course, I thought we could try a new one - connect the parts.

The idea is to find the smallest number of parts/sets connecting two different elements.

So as an example, to connect parts 6055611 and 6092770

You'd go from set #70803 to set #41035 via part 6054414 which is in both sets.

For some parts, you might need to go through more than one intermediate part/set. Or even more than a few.

So to start us off, what's the smallest number of sets you can get connecting these two elements:
4229 (in old grey) and 6310269

Once you've posted which sets and parts you connect them by, post your own!

Disclaimer: this game could turn out to be just too complicated for anyone to bother playing, in which case, as you were...


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