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Facts or rumours? Administrator Posts: 4,384
edited March 16 in articles
Facts or rumours?

If you've been reading other Recognised LEGO Fan Media (RLFM) websites this week you might have noticed that many of them have started publishing rumours about summer set releases.

The reason for this is that LEGO's AFOL engagement team (AFOLET) has just changed the rules about what we can and cannot publish, and while we are still not permitted to publish confidential images and others of dubious provenance, we are now allowed to report on 'text-based rumours' if we wish.

The change has been made primarily for the benefit, and at the insistence of, YouTubers who felt they were at a disadvantage because non-RLFM channels were reporting on rumours with impunity.

However, we have decided to continue not publishing rumoured information on Brickset because we generally know with confidence whether rumoured information is accurate. Publishing rumours might therefore present challenges as we will never publish information that we know to be false. Of course, not publishing false rumours would inevitably confirm which are true and that creates additional difficulties.

Confirming or denying the veracity of information could risk discrediting other Fan Media outlets which may innocently publish rumours they believe to be true. Furthermore, verifying rumoured information would risk damaging Brickset's relationship with The LEGO Group, which provides important benefits to the database and our article content and therefore Brickset users!

With that in mind, nothing is changing! We will continue to ensure that the Brickset database remains up to date and provide comprehensive and accurate news coverage.

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  • pxchrispxchris Oregon, USAMember Posts: 1,365
    After having seen just a small portion of all the drama about this on YouTube over the last couple weeks, all I have to say to Huw and Brickset is...

    *slow clap*

    Keep up the most excellent work guys & gals!
  • PhoenixioPhoenixio CanadaMember Posts: 39
    edited March 16
    I've decided to write my reply here, since there were things I wanted to address on this quoted comment from CapnRex101, while feeling it was off-topic for the general discussion.

    First, hats off for the transparency there, when people started doubting Lego's involvement in Brickset's affairs, that was really nice to put that up.

    Second, about Vidiyo, I think it's a fantastic move of their part as an attempt. Don't think about it as an adult fan of lego, think about it as kids, or people in a marketing department. A year ago, people barely knew what TikTok was, and now it's all over the damn place and named more often than Youtube. Vidiyo is a brilliant attempt, from a toy's company, to try and get the popularity of TikTok out to kids. Will it work? Who knows. But it ties a super popular social phenomena to their line of toys. And is the app even necessary for fans that would rather do something else? People complain about the Beatboxes or the cardboard boxes, but in the end, it's a line of collectible minifigs like any other, with an original musical theme. Why would that do worse than regular collectible minifigs which barely fit together? And instead of being random minifigs only, you also have a few, albeit more expensive, sets with classy minifigs and DOTS like storage solutions. I bought them and they look really neat, despite their price.

    Third, about the boxes, claiming that the previous package was better is borderline heretical. Who actually took the time to study the pieces of all the minifigs to try and touch their way through a set to find the good ones? Very few actually, that is more of an adult behavior for collectors. Now instead you have the full intended blind product, actual recyclable materials, AND, for the collectors that do care, a guarantee there is 2 full sets per box. How is that not better than polybags to touch through? There are tons of resellers, some more honest than others, that you can buy your specific minifig from.

    So yeah, some of it might need to go into a Vidiyo discussion, but it baffles me how people have been quick to judge on the success of a line that barely hit the stores... Locally, only Walmart had them on release day, as it took multiple weeks for the other stores to get some. And I sincerely hope the line will get more products, big or small, like CapnRex101 suggested in his review. Which ties in well with the rumor topic: Brickset tends to update its database often with upcoming set numbers. Are those readily available to non-affiliated sites, or is that, in some way, rumors proven true?
    There are no repercussions for negativity and we state negative opinions whenever we think they are deserved. Every review discusses the positive and negative attributes of the subject and we have published numerous reviews which are predominantly negative.

    With regard to VIDIYO specifically, LEGO requested feedback from Fan Media following the VIDIYO announcement, summarising my reaction and that from Brickset readers. This was my response: Firstly, for a LEGO product, VIDIYO really does not involve many LEGO bricks! The building component is extremely limited at the moment, more so than any other modern theme which is somewhat concerning. Hopefully there will be more construction-focused sets in the future.

    The cost of the BeatBoxes has been widely criticised and deservedly so, in my opinion. These remind me of the Dimensions Fun Packs which were permanently half price because nobody was willing to purchase them at full price. Perhaps that is the intent.

    The cardboard boxes for Bandmates have not gone down well, as LEGO presumably anticipated. Without a means of identifying minifigures from the packaging, numerous AFOLs have already stated they will stop purchasing Collectable Minifigures, or the Bandmates. This decision obviously relates to LEGO's initiative surrounding recyclable packaging and should not necessarily be reversed but I do think including something subtle on the packaging to identify minifigures would be beneficial to everyone. That was the case for the early series of Collectable Minifigures, after all.

     Lastly, it concerns me that LEGO is not necessarily learning lessons from past themes. Hidden Side has just been cancelled following poor sales performance and the app was a significant factor in that because parents were actually deterred by the app involvement, according to feedback which LEGO received. Producing an entire theme which is almost completely dedicated to an app, with essentially no LEGO brick involvement after initially scanning the characters and BeatBits, therefore seems questionable. I think the above comments represent honesty towards LEGO.
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 United KingdomAdministrator Posts: 2,318
    edited March 17
    @Phoenixio - I broadly agree with your comments regarding the cardboard boxes and do believe there is sometimes a degree of hyperbole when people, on Brickset and elsewhere, proclaim that they will never buy another Collectable Minifigure, perhaps because the price has risen or the packaging has changed.

    However, I also think it important to report that reaction to LEGO and they can decide whether the potential disappointment among AFOLs is worth acting upon.

    Personally, I would welcome the reintroduction of barcodes or some kind of external identifier on each box, although there must be some reason that LEGO removed such identifiers following the second series of Collectable Minifigures.
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,645
    I imagine they removed the barcode because people and companies used it to identify figures quickly, and were able to strip out the sought after ones and skew what was left for others.
  • EGRobertsEGRoberts OntarioMember Posts: 146
    Don't forget, Nexo Knights failed before Hiddenside.. As a parent I buy lego that inspires my kid to play with the lego. I want him to have similar memories to lego that I had as a child.. Knights storming castles, spaceship battles, epic adventures! I want him doing this, not an app. The last thing my child needs is another excuse to be on a screen. Minecraft was great, he loves that game but the sets don't interact with the game but instead inspire him to try to recreate things he has done in both! They need to stay away from apps if they wish to maintain parents supporting them. Vidiyo was dead on arrival in my books because it requires apps and screen time that he gets to much of already. 
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Twin Cities, MN, USAMember Posts: 2,445
    I have almost all of the Nexo Knights sets, never tried the app! Bought the sets because I liked them. And I don't think five waves of sets can be considered failure. I bought the Hidden Side fire truck because it's a cool set. Not at all interested in the app.
  • EGRobertsEGRoberts OntarioMember Posts: 146
    I own a great deal of nexo knight and hiddenside as well. All the nexo knights I bought though due to being 50% clearance or more, I own a most of them. Hiddenside same thing.. Bus, shrimpshack, graveyard, all because they are mass clearance. Nexo Knights lasted 5 waves because they where hoping it would pick up steam and giving it time, every wave though was mass amounts of clearance that lasted on shelves in stores in Canada for months if not a year. Hiddenside has been sitting on toysrus clearance shelves now for a year and I feel like they learned with Nexo Knights not to give it the same amount of time on shelves. Now if the sets only sell when marked down to under half it's retail price that is not a success even if they made 5 waves. That is them testing a concept and hoping time will turn it around.
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Twin Cities, MN, USAMember Posts: 2,445
    Ahh, but... The question is, how many sold at full price? Maybe the reason some sat on clearance for a long time is many people bought them when they were new, so they didn't buy them at clearance. I bought most of the Nexo Knights sets at or near RRP, then bought a duplicates of many on clearance for the minifigs and parts. Also a possibility: maybe NK was more appealing to Americans than to Canadians. 
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Twin Cities, MN, USAMember Posts: 2,445
    I think the box art hurt Hidden Side- it just wasn't very clear what you were getting, and implied you needed a smartphone to play with it. @CapnRex101's review of #70436 convinced me to get it.
  • EGRobertsEGRoberts OntarioMember Posts: 146
    Agree with hiddenside box art, you really had to investigate the back to see what it was. As for how many sold at full price for Nexo, not as much as other themes as they always had full shelves unlike other popular themes. Ninjago, Star Wars, and City always half empty to empty.. Nexo was always packed full, every store.. And then the clearance spoke volumes as well.  I visit each toy store in my city and sometimes beyond twice a week looking for deals and it was always same story. Other tells would be owns/wants listed to this site, nexo will be way behind other themes like star wars, potter, ninjago.   

    Don't get me wrong as they had there strengths as sets. Nexo Knights had in my opinion some of the best bad guy minifigures ever! The unique leg pices and helmets and wings! I loved the bad guys. Hiddenside had some great looking sets, the graveyard was great! It is lego's idea that they need apps rather then play features that drives me crazy. Drop the gimmicks and let kids make the story.
  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,428
    edited March 18
    I have no problem with whatever 'special relationship' Brickset may or may not have with Lego. If it continues to provide the quality of set reviews and database information that I visit the homepage for then I'm all for it.

    There are plenty of other sources for 'leaks/rumours' if people want them. I have more of a problem with how some mediocre blog/vlogs seems to get access to the LAN programme and free sets for review... As it makes me seriously contemplate setting up my own Lego site, most of them seem to regurgitate the same 'news' or rumours so it doesn't seem that hard, just the time involved and the constant rush to be first to (re)publish whatever topics are hot.
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