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Unique Code for When/Where Set was Manufactured

Don't remember seeing this discussed before and thought it was interesting.  Purchased #10277 for my son for Christmas.  We found it was missing 5 parts (2 of one, 3 of another).  I believe this is the first time I've purchased a set with missing parts.  Thought it was odd that 5 were missing.  Son and I pretty confident we didn't someone lose them.

Anyway, I wrote to Lego.  Got a response that they'd send per usual good customer service.  I knew shipping was slow from everyone was saying but after waiting about 8 weeks with no product or notice, reached back out to Lego about the order.  Got a response back with apology that the order was automatically cancelled.  Something about due to the large number of parts requested.  5 too many?  Ummm, ok.  They created a new order.  Got confirmation.  It shipped and received it in less than 2 weeks.

Part of the apology/reorder email the person wanted to find out where/when the set was manufactured to look into why pieces were missing.  They asked me to find a code either stamped on the seals of larger sets or next to barcode of smaller sets.  It would be 2 or 3 numbers, followed by a letter, followed by another number.  Was hard to see, but sure enough found it on one of the tape seals.  Unfortunately it was on the flap bend so I couldn't tell for sure what the second number was but looked to be either 36R0 or 38R0.

Interesting, but I guess it makes sense they'd have a way to track where that particular box came from.  Curious, has anyone seen this before?  Anyone been asked for that when you've requested missing parts? 


  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Member Posts: 5,555
    edited March 2021
    Good question!

    Not to be flippant, but this is commonly known on these forums. It’s usually easy to see on at least one of the tape seals. But recently TLG is moving away from using those and you might have to look for the code printed or embossed on the box. 

    In the code 36R0 as an example, it means it was produced in the 36th week of 2020 (0) at the Mexico factory (R). I have seen some codes with an extra digit. For example my #75278 set has the code 729R0 inkjet-printed on it, which may mean July 29 2020? If anyone has the answer I’d love to hear it.

    Here is a copy of the letter codes again. It would be nice if someone could verify the unconfirmed ones.

        H = Nyíregyháza, Hungary
        R = Ciénega de Flores, Mexico
        S = Kladno, Czech Republic
        Q = Purkersdorf, Austria
        B = Shenzhen, China (Not Confirmed)
        M = Billund, Denmark (Not Confirmed) 
        O = Billund, Denmark (Not Confirmed) 
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,555
    Five missing parts in a set is very high and it also suggests their bag weighing system is not working correctly. I think missing an entire bag is more common than missing multiple parts.
  • KeilupKeilup Member Posts: 267
    Interesting. I’m guessing there’s no official code listing anywhere. Just what’s been gleaned perhaps from insiders or good sleuthing. 
    Yeah I thought very odd to have 5 missing instead of one or two. Concerning a bit as it seems to match a trend of people saying Lego quality has been sliding. But hey customer service is still fantastic. If that starts dropping, then it would definitely be concerning. 
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