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Quality issues / broken parts



  • karritkarrit USAMember Posts: 416
    Some of these clip pieces ( broke recently. And some of them were made in black and grey...

    I had one of those in black that was broken when I switched out my Creator #31038 - to the winter version.  Contacted Lego online & they shipped me a replacement for it without issue.
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Near ManchesterMember Posts: 4,079
    Lego redesigned those a couple of years ago. It's likely that there wasn't enough 'give' in the clip of the old version, which probably resulted in stresses greater than the clip could eventually tolerate, resulting in some of them breaking after a while.
  • middleton83middleton83 Member Posts: 18
    My Fire Brigade #10197 is still built from when I got it as a present 8 years ago, now I don't want to take it apart in case it breaks, but I was wondering whether the Pet Shop #10218 would have the same issues as it has lots of reddish brown parts.
  • BubbaBubba Member Posts: 28
    Today while disassembling the Lego Simpsons House (SET#17006) I ended up breaking about a dozen bricks. They were mostly the 1x6 Tiles and 1x8 Plates. The breaks would occur at the end/tip of the brick. What was shocking is how easy the break was and how it was like dealing with something that had rotted and was coming apart as you handled it. We have hundreds of sets between the ones I have when I was kid (over 30 years old) and the ones my own kids have and I have never experienced anything like this. I used to bowl up sets with fire crackers as a kid and I don't ever recall break a brick just blowing the pieces apart.

    Have any of you ever experienced something like this with any Lego bricks where the pieces seemed to be rotted. I've emailed Lego support and I know they will replace broken bricks but my concern is that the whole set is bad or at least more pieces. After the first 6 had broken I got to thinking that maybe (and I hope I'm wrong) that Lego outsourced some brick manufacturing and these were cheaper and poorly made bricks. 

    needless to say the wife nd I as the kids' were surprised by this. I'd ask to see proof from someone who told me this if I I had not experienced it myself. 
  • Casper_vd_KorfCasper_vd_Korf Twente, The NetherlandsMember Posts: 196
    What colour are the parts? Some years ago LEGO had trouble with reddish brown and blue parts, something about the chemical composition...
  • iwybsiwybs PlutoMember Posts: 172
    There was a lot of trouble with reddish brown and dark red parts crumbling between about 2012-2018.  The formula for those colors has been fixed now, but it's terrible that they let the problem get so big for so long.  The Simpsons House set was right in the middle of the bad years for those colors.
  • BubbaBubba Member Posts: 28
    edited March 13
    What colour are the parts? Some years ago LEGO had trouble with reddish brown and blue parts, something about the chemical composition...
    Most of the pieces were in deed brown. Not that It's a good thing this happened but I'm glad to know there's at least a known reason for this.  That said It's not just brown parts that broke and not just the Simpson set. I am in the process of taking apart and bagging up a number of sets we've had put-together and in the kids play room for several years and I had a 6x12 Green plate brock snap right in half while disassembling the 4645 Harbor set. 

    I found a story/article ( that included the LEGO press release that addressed this issue o brittle bricks but they don't mention any shades of Green as being an issue so maybe this was just a one of.  Have to give LGO credit in that even though these bricks were flawed they will still replace them. We got the Simpson set several years ago and I had no issue with getting replacement parts. Most corporations especially large ones look for that date they can say "no longer our responsibility.
  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,460

    Talking of reddish brown... Posted this on my instagram a few days ago. Seems I'm not the only one to have it happen.
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Northern VirginiaAdministrator, Moderator Posts: 5,207
    @andhe - have you given any thought to a Game of Thrones MOC? :o)
  • KungFuKennyKungFuKenny Somewhere between Ice Station Odyssey and FabulandMember Posts: 2,054
    andhe said:

    Talking of reddish brown... Posted this on my instagram a few days ago. Seems I'm not the only one to have it happen.
    It appears falling off the shelf was the straw that broke the horse’s back...
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,769
    Gordon Elliott will be along soon.

  • BubbaBubba Member Posts: 28
    I had a traditional Green 6x12 plater snap in half this weekend when disassembling the 4645 Harbor Set and from what I can determine Green pieces have not been reported to be a color that's been know to produce brittle elements. I know TLG will replace it , its just concerning how many of this brittle and broken bricks I've been experiencing the last few weeks while disassembling sets my kids have outgrown.  I have sets form the 80s that consist of pieces that seem to be far more durable than what we've gotten in the last 10 years. 
  • KLOKRIECHERKLOKRIECHER GermanyMember Posts: 253
    One minute of silence to this Bionicle piece from 2009... :-(

  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,269
    You know, seeing this,

    I always wondered what happened to the poor horse after this continually happened.

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