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Rediscovering Lego - Hello from Monterey Bay

Hi everyone!

It's so nice to stumble across a community that shares your passion. I recently "re-discovered" lego with the San Francisco Architecture set which I bought as a gift. Then I remembered back to my defining Lego experience...I was 9 years old and got set #3723 Lego Mini-figure...but I somehow missed a step and messed it all up! I had no idea how to fix it and eventually gave it to my best friend. Well after getting the San Francisco set, I decided to go to the online Lego store to buy #3723 to tackle an old demon. How naive I was. Okay, I'll go find it on Ebay!...$1000 for a sealed new box! Well that piqued my interest and I've since fallen head long back into the lego world!

I have my sights set on creating some MOCs and beginning a fun collection. One day when I'm rich I'll justify spending that much on the Lego Mini-Figure :)



  • MeganLMeganL Member Posts: 139
    Hi Justin - welcome!  Not that this is going to help you not spend money, but it looks like you can get a used 3723 for about $250 on Bricklink....but you'll have fun starting a collection for sure!
  • truck730truck730 Member Posts: 368
    Welcome Justin ,I can see the attraction to sets You had when younger but I get over that when I see what their price today is . Architecture line is especially fulfilling if You've been to that place. Build Yourself a pillow to break the fall.
  • ravendragonwingravendragonwing Member Posts: 193
    Welcome Justin!
    If you want to join us in the local LUG (LEGO Club), you are more than welcome. BayLUG is meeting virtually these days (more info at and we have at least 1 other person in Monterey Bay.
  • CrazyLCrazyL Member Posts: 9
    Welcome Justin.  Newbie here too.
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