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Gundam Assembly, Working on the Hips

Hello everyone, 

I'm working on a 40cm tall Gundam, and I need advice on the waist. I would LOVE to have a rotating waist, but given the size and weight, I'm worried it would be a point of failure. Given the dimensions, I'd be relying on a 4x4 turntable plate and that axel to hold the 2 halves of a giant robot together. The idea being that the hips will be built around a gearbox that is re-enforced such that it can be pulled apart vertically so that the axel and 4x4 turntable plate will attach it to the torso. The end of the axel inside the upper torso is flared and can't be pulled out from this end, so as long as the tension on the hip side holds up, the build should stay together.

The alternative is very appealing because if I go with one solid torso, I can really reenforce it with pegs, but the downside is that i will lose functionality and the torso will just kinda be a big ol' brick. 

Is there an approach that I don't know about that might help? I know Lego generally shies away from any kind of hip articulation and i assume it's for structural integrity.

The alternative-alternative might be using super glue to glue those gears onto the axel, thus ensuring it can't come apart, but i feel kind of dirty using glue on legos, even if they can be dissolved later if need be. 

Thanks for all of your help. 

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