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(US) Looking for NIB Mobile Bat Base (76160) and Batcave Clayface™ Invasion (76122)

jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216

I saw on the Walmart thread that some Bricksetters had found the above sets on clearance (the Mobile Bat Base was mistakenly on clearance, I believe).

I am looking for each of these, NIB.  I would prefer to do a trade but could supplement with moolah.

Also looking for a recent promo, #40411 (the Creative 12-in-1 set).  Also looking for 

5005251-1: Penguin Winter Hut, NIB.

Body is apparently too long with my available (?) for trade list, so second post incoming:


  • jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216
    I don't (ever!?) have an accurate trade list, but the below should help give an idea of what I have:

    #30448 Venom Symbiote, multiple #30303 Joker Bumper Cars, #40266 Friends Jewelry Box, Caveman/Cavewoman set, #40220 London Bus, Cops and Robbers promo set from Bricktober 2016, probably every TLBM polybag including multiple Kiss Kiss Batman keychains and Batpod Tuxedo Batman, multiple #30422 Kai Mini Dragon, #5001622 Lego Store Employee, #5004406 First Order General, #5002941 Bionicle, #40265 Friends tic tac toe, #30202 Friends Smoothie Stand.

    Also have the following CMFs:

    Disney:  Alien, Peter Pan

    TLBM Series 1: Orca

    Ninjago: Selfie Stick guy, Boombox guy (2), Sensei Wu (2), Girl marked as #2 on checklist, Boy marked as #10 on checklist, Lloyd #7

    Series 16:  Archer (3), Prized Dog Guy (OPEN), Aladdin looking fellow (2), Goth Boy, Devil Boy, Snow Queen, Banana Guy

    Series 17:  Yuppie aka Cell Phone Guy (3), Undersea Guy, Elf Princess (2), Red Dwarf, Corn Guy (2)

    New/sealed: #79110 - Silver Mine, #79004 - Barrel Escape.

  • jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216
    Bumpie.  No longer looking for Batcave due to a special sumoish person and a trade that's been in the works.

    However, I apparently missed the riddle heist/mini batwing set on clearance at Walmart.  Believe it is #76120.

    Did anyone happen to pick one up and would want to attempt a trade?
  • jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216
    Even though I'm after other sets like #76120 (anyone!?), I can create another thread with a more appropriate title.  Also, I should take the opportunity to update my for trade stuffs.

    Since Sumo and I are well on our way, mods - please close.  @Huw
  • jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216
    Ok, so since this wasnt closed...and in case anyone looks...

    Looking for a new/sealed bigfig Bane from #70914

    Also 5005251-1: Penguin Winter Hut

    Also #76120

    Thanks!  Trade list above has not been updated from another pending trade, but I can say, out of all of that, the cavemen promo and Silver Centurion are spoken for.

  • jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216
    Sorry for the unintentional bump, also looking for #40411.
  • jmeninnojmeninno Member Posts: 1,216
    No longer looking for 40411, but am looking for Lego Juniors Batman Defend the Batcave #10672.
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