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[US] Kmart BOGO 50% off on LEGO

ludzikludzik US (SoCal)Member Posts: 429
edited April 2012 in Shopping USA/Canada
Was in a KMART today and they had BOGO 50% off going on


  • gmpirategmpirate Member Posts: 1,654
    Which one?
  • DavidBrickleyDavidBrickley Richmond, VAMember Posts: 361
    Saw this in VA, sale included City and Star Wars sets.
  • ludzikludzik US (SoCal)Member Posts: 429
    Couple in LA County at least
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    Checked the Torrance location in Los Angeles today and nothing good left. Someone had raided it for the new Star Wars (TIE, X-wing, Droid Escape...). Just a few small City sets if you're looking for an ambulance or such.
  • sonsofscevasonsofsceva 1904 World's FairMember Posts: 542
    It is nice to get a BOGO sale on SW without the TRU markups.
  • cynthilinacynthilina Member Posts: 188
    Scored well on my K mart excursion yesterday. 10 Battlepacks and the new Hero factory. Spent 200 saved 55. Not allot but enough to buy another Tie Fighter. I may go back this week and get a few more Items.
  • evantylerevantyler Central OhioMember Posts: 85
    Not a huge score, but nabbed 4432 and 4434 for $30 total, making them $15 each. Plus used my Sears card for the ShopYourWay points. Like @sonofsceva said, sometimes it's nice to just buy sets at MSRP rather than the TRU mark-ups.
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
    The sale is good on-line too. It's not well advertised. It is for Star Wars and Hero Factory sets. Under each lego product, click on "price details" then click "special offers". It ends tomrrow, 8 April. The best deal is set #7930, The Bounty Hunter Assault Ship. It is on sale for 42.00 and then BOGO'ed. If you bought 2 that would be 31.50 each, a savings of 37%.
  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Ohio USAMember Posts: 357
    Too bad it isn't for all sets. I picked up The Marina and Fireplane as the Fireplane was BOGO50% so I thought the MArina was as well and thinking $25 was good for that set as it is awful. The Marina rang up at full price, so now I am going to return it tomorrow. Thought I would never see the day where I return a Lego set.
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