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Classic Pirate Torso Differences

pxchrispxchris Oregon, USAMember Posts: 1,973
I'm hoping that maybe one of you very knowledgeable folks can help me out with a history lesson!

The blue and white striped classic pirate torso. The one I'm aware of and have in all my pirate sets is BL 973p32c01 with a gold-ish colored belt buckle. However, I just purchased a used lot that has a couple 973pb0280c01 which has a black belt buckle. This torso is new to me!

So, can somebody tell me what the history behind this is? Was the torso with the black buckle a variant only printed in some region or from some specific plant or at some specific time? 



  • LusiferSamLusiferSam MontanaMember Posts: 555
    Two quick questions while I mull this over a bit more.  First, when you say the one you're aware of and have is the gold buckle version, is this you know for sure and have checked every single one of these in every single set you own?  Or it is based on Bricklink/internet inventories? 

    Second, what you the undersides of the torsos look like?  Are they both H or short rib types?  Or is one an X or long rib type?
  • pxchrispxchris Oregon, USAMember Posts: 1,973
    @LusiferSam I'll have to check back through all of my pirate minifigs when I get back home just to be 100% certain, but I don't have a ton of them and I'm reasonably certain that all of them are the gold buckle version.

    The torso with the black buckle is currently in the mail, so I'll have to check on the undersides of those once they arrive (both images in my post are from Bricklink). The pictures in the eBay lot I bought though very clearly show the black buckle, which then lead me to searching on Bricklink, and now which is why I'm inquiring about them here because Bricklink wasn't overly helpful.

    Thanks again - I'll post more information when I have it!
  • KungFuKennyKungFuKenny Somewhere between Ice Station Odyssey and FabulandMember Posts: 2,364
    edited June 2020
    I’ll be interested to hear what you find out - Trying to think outside the box I checked #6299 , #40158 , and #5003082 , but no luck.  Bricklink has the part but no associated minifigure or set...
  • pxchrispxchris Oregon, USAMember Posts: 1,973
    I did double check and all of the blue & white striped torsos I have (I have even less than I thought, only 3 right now) are the gold buckle ones.

    When the new purchase arrives, I'll get out all of the torsos and take some photos.
  • CymbelineCymbeline CanadaMember Posts: 516
    Could it be a torso from BaM in the LEGO store?
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam MontanaMember Posts: 555
    Cymbeline said:
    Could it be a torso from BaM in the LEGO store?

    That's one reason I'm asking about the torso type.  It would tell you a time frame when it was made.  The piece was added to Bricklink in 2003 which means it's not a new printing.  I would think if it were paint wear, like what is seen on Classic Space torsos, it would show up on the red strip shirt as well.  It could be a manufacturing error limited to a batch of blue strip shirts. 

    If I have time this weekend I might be able to check my collection.  I have all of the original Pirate sets, but none of the reissues.  As of right all of them are put away and I've to pull them out and dig out the figures. 
  • piratemania7piratemania7 New EnglandMember Posts: 2,147
    This is quite interesting not sure if I have ever noticed this before!  I am going to check my original minifigures later and perhaps I can help out by checking the reissue minifigures too.
  • The_RancorThe_Rancor Dorset, UKMember Posts: 2,371
    edited June 2020
    Yes I too wondered whether this was a reissue occurrence from the early noughties Pirates releases with new box artwork. For example #6285 was reissued as #10040 and that has the specific Pirate torso type with blue stripes you’re talking about. TLG played it fast and loose with part consistency and colours in the early noughties during their downtimes so it wouldn’t surprise me if the reprint for the Barracuda was black buckled. Perhaps it just hasn’t been logged as an alternate minifig variant in Bricklink.
  • pxchrispxchris Oregon, USAMember Posts: 1,973
    I'd like to submit this Eurobricks discussion as some evidence. Of course it shouldn't be taken as the end-all, be-all, but there is no mention of torso differences between #6285 and #10040:
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,365
    I asked a mate to check his - he has the later re-issue. He has gold buckles on X-torsos. 
  • The_RancorThe_Rancor Dorset, UKMember Posts: 2,371
    edited June 2020
    Maybe it’s an unintentional production error like smooth hair Leia? Like the gold print layer wasn’t applied properly
  • pxchrispxchris Oregon, USAMember Posts: 1,973
    Well, I think this mystery is solved. Upon receipt of the order it was pretty evident that the set I received is indeed #10040 not #6285. So these minifigures must be the reprint versions. They do all have the X rib type. I'll try to get some photos later.

    So in this case, Bricklink is either wrong, or at least partially lacking in its information by not listing these figures as alternates. In addition to the very obvious black belt buckle, there are some other printing differences noticeable on the other figures, mainly due to the printing being more crisp and defined. I'll try to get photos of everything this afternoon.

    All in all, I'm still very satisfied with my purchase even though it wasn't an original #6285 that I received. The pieces all looked basically brand new and the price was phenomenal. 
  • pxchrispxchris Oregon, USAMember Posts: 1,973
    Here are some photos showing the torso differences. In all cases, the older torsos are on top, and the 2002 re-releases on bottom. 

  • LusiferSamLusiferSam MontanaMember Posts: 555
    Very, very interesting.  This is why I asked about the torso type.  There were known differences in the printing of those Legends re-releases and not all of them have made in set inventories.  You've got clear proof what on what they were for the Barracuda.  The paint wear on your older ones is what I would have expected.  I'm surprised the red striped shirt doesn't have a black buckle as well.  And yet another mystery.

    I'm not so sure I say BrickLink is "wrong" in this case.  I think it is more likely the case that their information is incomplete or incorrect, which is not the same thing as wrong.  I'm not sure it's likely in this scenario, but it might an alternative piece and there could be two different version of #10040 out there.  It's worth ask BrickLink to update the inventory and/or an alternative black buckle version of pi021 and pi73.

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