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Wedding present for christmas

CarcayuCarcayu SpainMember Posts: 16

Hi all! I am thinking about making a lego custom scene for my wife these Christmas. I am trying to recreate a scene from our wedding. Images attached:


The thing is Lego is something that knows/likes especially my wife, not mine, so I am a bit lost. At the same time, it doesn’t have to be an exact replica.

I mean, I am thinking about a red tractor, a trailer and two minifigures: one for my wife, one for mine (blue suit). I am also thinking about adding stickers (for drawings in , adding flowers in women suit, etc.) and, maybe, painting plastics if its necessary. Then I will add natural straw.

What I have seen is this:

Woman figure:

Man figure:{%22iconly%22:0}

Red tractor:{%22iconly%22:0}

Green tractor + trailer set:{%22iconly%22:0}

Green tractor cons:
The trailer is not enough to put two figures in row (images attached from ebay seller):

So, what can I do? Maybe I can buy the tractor + trailer set and changing the trailer platform to be wider and paint the tractor in red, but I guess my best choice (and cheaper) is to buy directly the red tractor, and making a trailer from the very beginning.

Could he help me for that please? Thanks a lot in advance



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