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Does anyone play Brikwars? We play a lot of boardgames, and this seems a good way to make our lego collection more "adult appealing" to our friends. And help us justify it all!!

Just wondering if anyone else plays as well, and what their experiences are.

We had a go with the quick rules one time, and it was pretty fun, though I preferred building the landscape and creating explosive death scenes then the actual game, but apparently the longer rules are more fun and imaginative.


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    Never heard of it before, but I'll check it out, cheers.
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    We've played a lot here in NELUG (not as much recently). A list of our games:

    They're pretty fun, although typically the fun part is coming up with creative stuff for a game and watching how it meets its end. Who knew that your MkV missile would suffer such a bad skill roll that you blew up your own vehicle? Or that your enemy would take an arrow from YOUR OWN QUIVER and stab you with it? Or that the fire you started would engulf the entire gameboard?

    It's fun, as long as you don't have anoraks taking the game too seriously. :)

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