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Collection for sale

JeremiaJeremia CanadaMember Posts: 4
I have decided to offload my collection. More than 2000 sets. Also hundreds of thousands of loose pieces. I'm testing the waters to see if there is maybe a brick link out there or someone who would take the lot. Brickset retail value will be around 50000 Canadian. This number wouldn't include All the loose pieces.
This is my first time on a forum and I don't really use internet much for anything other than watching a show. Contact me if you have questions.


  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 15,067
    First- welcome to the Forum!  Hopefully reading through some of the other topics and getting the general feel of what is regularly bought and sold can help you find your buyer.  (Or buyers.)

    It's difficult to sell such a large collection all at once, or to find even prospective buyers without a few key pieces of information, and atleast a few photos that accurate represent the condition of the sets and pieces.  You may want to reserve more sensitive information for PMs, but it would go a long way to know what is in your collection.  Even a list would probably help a potential buyer decide if it is worth reaching out to you.

    In terms of price, I wouldn't expect to get top Bricklink or eBay priced for your stuff.  (Even if adjusting for those platform and payment fees.)  Generally, if you want to maximize your sales, it takes time and patience.  

    If anything, I'd review the below Marketplace Thread by another member that liquidated his sizeable collection.  Having it cataloged in Brickset was also helpful for perusal.

    Good luck!
  • JeremiaJeremia CanadaMember Posts: 4
    So just some general info then I have sets from the 60s right through to present. Since I bought most of it second hand I have repieced many sets but the number of sets and lack of time and space made it slow so I would say 90 percent of the collection is complete. The last one I purchased was flintstone house and the new minifig collection. My favourites were classic space, castle, and pirates. All modulars. A good portion of ideas, lots of expert builder/creator, some of the best ones are 383 knights joust with box, Vestas windmill, cosmic fleet voyager among others. Star wars, Indiana jones, all collectable minifigures, city, town, just really alot of alot. It would take a while to go through it all. And then there's the loose. About 20 apple boxes full.
    So if you have genuine interest about the collection drop a line.
  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,341
    @Jeremia, Just a heads up but the link you posted above will take the viewer to their own collection not yours. To get to your collection you need this...


    (presuming your Brickset profile is the same as the Forum).
  • JeremiaJeremia CanadaMember Posts: 4
    Oh thanks. Like I said not computer savvy at all. I'm a hammer and nails guy. How did you do that, I looked for about an hour and gave up.
  • dmcc0dmcc0 Nae far fae AberdeenMember Posts: 778
    edited August 2019
    On the main Brickeset homepage open the My Sets tab.  From there you should have a column on the left titled "Sets Owned" with import/export/share buttons underneath.  Just click on the share button and it'll show all your owned sets with a URL you can copy/paste to email/forum etc.

    Worth checking out the Help tab on the main site too; has some very useful "how to" type stuff there
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