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Favourite sets under 10€, around 50€ and unlimited budget

ersiersi Member Posts: 229
I would like to create discussion about your favourite sets. 

Everyone can post their favourite sets:

- 1st favourite set under 10(€/$/£)
- 2nd favourite set around 40-50(€/$/£)
- 3rd favourite set unlimited budget

My favourites are:

1. #70841 Absolutely love this set, space theme, very nice minifigures and vehicles
2. #75957 Really like Harry Potter theme, my favourite films. In my opinion it is really nice display set
3. #75948 + #75953 + #75954 I know it is not just one set but I really like the idea with connecting them, also it is Harry Potter theme. 

My picks are really influenced by Harry Potter enthusiasm but feel free to post yours. 


  • eMJeeNLeMJeeNL Member Posts: 817
    edited June 2019
    Maybe your should narrow your question a little; from your list, i distill you mean currently available sets that one doesn’t own yet.

    for me:
    a. Same as yours, but not really relevant as i am only buying for my City currently
    b. #31095 or #60234. Both for my carnaval-part of the City 
    c. Dunno really... 
  • ersiersi Member Posts: 229
    It can be any set old / new / upcomming doesnt matter

    @eMJeeNL very nice sets, I bet they will be very nice addition to your city
  • benbacardibenbacardi Member Posts: 712
    1. I've got to agree that #70841 is awesome given the price - can't get enough of those classic space figs, and my daughter loves Lenny! Also, I love #40220 - it was only available a GWP, though, so I'm not sure if it falls under the "less than £10" rule?

    2. Definitely #21303 (once they fixed the issue with his neck!) A great middling-sized set, and looks brilliant on the shelf above my desk.

    3. Of sets I own, I only have a handful in this category. The Winter Holiday Train, the recent Passenger Train, Benny's SPACESHIP!... but #21309 has to be the best, as the only one permanently out on display!

    Of sets I don't own, who knows... if I had wanted it enough I would have found the money for it I guess? So that probably answers that one...
  • ersiersi Member Posts: 229
    @benbacardi very nice sets, I have #21309 too, did you buy lunar lander to display with it or some of the city space sets? 
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    Mine would all be LOTR sets:

    1. Wizard Battle
    2. Mines of Moria
    3. Helm's Deep plus 20 Uruk Hai army sets.

    #31019 or #31031 would have been in there instead if there was a £20 or under bracket. That is a great price point for Creator, the larger part count allows for some great models. Most sub £10 Creator sets are a bit too simplistic.
  • Baby_YodaBaby_Yoda Member Posts: 1,295
    Interesting idea.
    1. Under A$10? *Laughs* I guess #40290 60 Years of the Brick set is technically a $0 set.
    2. Special mentions to #3860 Castle Fortaan (loved Heroica!) and #21102 Minecraft Micro World, but I'd have to go with #41597 Go Brick Me for sure. Hours and hours of use with those bricks and instructions, while still producing good-looking models.
    3. #70657 Ninjago City Docks. The intricacy and level of detail is unlike anything else I've ever seen. I suppose #70620 would be better, but I'm not going to judge a set I've never actually owned.
  • ersiersi Member Posts: 229
    @CCC very nice LOTR sets, do you think they will come with new sets for this theme?

    @Baby_Yoda Exactly I have Go Brick Me too and it is really funny to create your own brickheadz with it
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    ersi said:
    @CCC very nice LOTR sets, do you think they will come with new sets for this theme?
    No, unfortunately I don't think they will. Luckily, I have them all, although I'd love to see them make more. Prices for LOTR and Hobbit have gone crazy.
  • natro220natro220 Member Posts: 545

    I have a hard time reconciling my favorite old sets with favorite new sets. I'll make a list for both then : )


    1. 6887 Allied Avenger - I loved the octagonal cockpits for Blacktron II. If only they kept the original black and yellow color scheme and all black suits. Either way, loved this set as a kid.

    2. 6081 King's Mountain Fortress - Introduced the glow in the dark ghost, made good use of the raised baseplate, and was probably my favorite set to build as a kid.

    3. 6399 Airport Shuttle - One of the first sets I tracked down after my dark age was over. Monorail sets are still tons of fun to build and play with to this day.


    1. 70841 for the same reasons everyone else already listed. Hope Lego makes a whole "Benny" classic space theme.

    2. 76125 Hall of Armor - I just built this yesterday so maybe that's influencing my decision some, but it was really fun to see it come together and love all the various suits included.

    3. 75192 Millennium Falcon - Hope to be able to buy one day. Probably won't though. Still looks like an amazingly fun and challenging build.

  • ersiersi Member Posts: 229
    I will have to check them I would love to buy one for my brother. 

    very nice sets especially #6887 really like that one, also do know about any other new similar sets to #70841? I have found just this one #70821 
  • pxchrispxchris Member Posts: 2,438
    Probably my favorite small (under $10) set of all times, strictly for nostalgia reasons is #6641.

    My favorite mid-sized set (though a bit more expensive at an original retail price of $70) is #79003.

    Unlimited budget sets - for sets I own it would have to be either #10237, #10220, #70816, or #7191 (this one again for the nostalgia).

    If I had an unlimited budget to buy any sets I don't own, it would be #5571, #6285, all of the Forestmen sets, and/or some of the Star Wars UCS sets such as #10240 and #75192.
  • benbacardibenbacardi Member Posts: 712
    ersi said:
    @benbacardi very nice sets, I have #21309 too, did you buy lunar lander to display with it or some of the city space sets? 
    Definitely, I can't wait for the lander to arrive! I'll need to somehow make room on my desk for it though... it's going to look comically large next to the Saturn V and the tiny lander model that came with that one 😆
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,713
    Taken purely from sets I own, using rrp at time of release.

    Nostalgic/emotional response, 
    #6928 Mercury Crawler or #6872 Xenon X-craft
    #8860 Car Chassis
    #4504 Millennium Falcon

    More considered, value for money, build experience and playability or coolness response:
    #70841 Benny's space squad
    #31084 Pirate Rollercoaster
    #75060 Slave 1

    Could do that again and again and still easily find more sets for an 'honourable mention'...
  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,711
    under 10€ : I don't have many, would the speed champion 68 mustang count as it was a gift with purchase ? actually that's one I think I saw under half price and still skipped and it looked much better than expected.

    about 50€ : I would say ninja mech dragon, maybe I would rank attack of the morro dragon higher, but it may be above the price range.

    unlimited budget : so far creator expert Big Ben, maybe soon beaten by ninjago city when I'm done building it, and probably later by Disney castle.
  • klintonklinton Member Posts: 1,256
    I think my favorite set in the 10$ range would be #60171. It was just a bunch of perfect elements in a brilliant little set. 

    At 30-40$ it's def #31048. This is one of my all time favorite Lego sets. It's just pure Lego goodness at it's finest. And there's a moose! 

    At any pricepoint it has to be #70810. This was the set that got me actively enjoying Lego again as an adult. It's whimsical design caught my eye and I just had to have it. I had so much fun building this one that I just didn't yet realize was even possible with Lego. It's the one set I have that's always built up. I've only ever taken it apart to clean it and to re experience the build. 
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,253
    1. $10 range: #6861 X1 Patrol Craft. So many cool Space parts! 2. $40-$50: #6076 Dark Dragon's Den. Just awesome. 3. unlimited: #75021 Republic Gunship. The improvements over the previous versions bring it to near perfect. (Still hoping for a fourth version!)
  • MrJacksonMrJackson Member Posts: 454
    Under $10 #6879 Blizzard Baron (own - actually have 3 of them)
    $40 - $50 #1682 Space Shuttle Launch (the RRP isn't listed but I assume it's in this general vicinity) - have this guy proudly on display in Brickadelphia
    Cost is no object: The set I have: #6597 Century Skyway. Got it when I finished 5th grade. 24(!!!) years ago. Still love it. And it's also in my city. I missed out on Black Seas Barracuda and Airport Shuttle, though I do have a monorail running through my city. If I ever hit the lottery.... 

    Current sets: 
    Under $10 #70841 Benny's Space Squad.  Hands down. It's nothing short of a love letter to the fans, and in my opinion, it's a perfect set. And no, that's not just nostalgia: I worked at an LBR store for 4 years, so nostalgia is long gone as I began to spend so much time around Lego again. 
    $40-$50 #21020 Trevi Fountain. One of my favorite architecture sets
    Cost is no object: C'mon, is this even a question?? #75192 MilF. I haven't built her yet as I need to finish Docking Bay 327 and make my coffee table first.  It'll be a good summer project once the school year ends. As far as runners up, I love my Super Star Destroyer, and I also really like my #42043 Mercedes Benz AROCS.  #21309 Saturn V is an astonishingly good build, in my opinion, and one of the best sets in recent memory.

    I'm fortunate that I have most of the big sets I want, and I can live without the ones I don't.  My wish list is small enough: the Creator Mustang, the Aston Martin (which I don't love but I have all the other Creator Expert vehicles minus the original VW Beatle which is fine), and the new Lunar Lander.  I also need the Iron Man Hall of Armor and War Machine Buster as well as the Mk. 85 from the Avengers Compound Battle to complete my Iron Man minifigure display.  That'll be a sweet birthday present to myself once I finish the 4 grad classes I'm taking this summer. 
  • pxchrispxchris Member Posts: 2,438
    klinton said:
    At 30-40$ it's def #31048. This is one of my all time favorite Lego sets. It's just pure Lego goodness at it's finest. And there's a moose!  
    I agree with you 100% on #31048! That has to be my favorite creator set!
  • ersiersi Member Posts: 229
    Wow really nice sets, alot of people like old space theme I think they should release them again nothing big just few sets
  • eMJeeNLeMJeeNL Member Posts: 817
    pxchris said:
    klinton said:
    At 30-40$ it's def #31048. This is one of my all time favorite Lego sets. It's just pure Lego goodness at it's finest. And there's a moose!  
    I agree with you 100% on #31048! That has to be my favorite creator set!
    I second that. Also, it really puts that little shed they call this years Log Cabin to enormous shame!
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