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Wanted: Iron Man Minifigures

Th1nDieselTh1nDiesel Member Posts: 591
After a recent spree in the Leicester Square store I find myself only missing five Iron Man minifigures, so I am looking for the following:

#SH084 Iron Patriot
#SH213 Scuba Iron Man
#SH405 Mark 47
#SH573 Mark 50 with gold arms*

I don't have a lot to trade, so happy to pay cash if the price is right. I'd consider both the figures on their own or complete sets. I do have the following to trade:

#40222 24-in-1 (x2)
#col004 Series 1 Clown (no accessories)
Two Parademons (#SH433 & #SH439) - New
All five figures from #4737 Quidditch Match - Used
#75207 Imperial Patrol Battle Pack - Sealed
#30163 Thor and the Cosmic Cube polybag - Sealed (bag is quite crinkled)
#30613 Batgirl polybag from TLBM DVD - Sealed

*There are only four on the list as I fear the NY Toy Fair figure will remain unobtainable forever! :-( 


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.