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MOC - Harry Potter Advent Calendar



  • Speedman29Speedman29 UKMember Posts: 1,939
    Just catching up with all the builds. The Knight Bus and Hagrids Hut are the standouts for me. Great work
  • andheandhe UKMember Posts: 3,393
    This was fantastic work, from the builds to the presentation. It's been a joy to watch reveal. A Potter calendar seems like a no-brainer for Lego to produce, unless there's some licensing issue that we're unaware of, the could rest Star Wars for a year at least.
  • Kai_Dragon_eXtremeKai_Dragon_eXtreme PortugalMember Posts: 10
    Great job!
  • colaycolay OxfordshireMember Posts: 541
    That was awesome (although I hate HP, JKR and the whole ripoff, in so many ways, franchise) and the detail and thought into this was amazing. Hats off, sir! :)

    Without hijacking the thread, as so many have enjoyed this, I hope it inspires a few to do their own. But, if you are stuck, a friend of mine did similar, (but with far less detail), they took a set (NASA women and one other) and broke that down into 24 days worth of builds, for their son and daughter. They felt it was better than a Friends/City/SW Adv Cal, as they got a set at the end of it and saw it grow each day.
  • FinaldeathFinaldeath UKMember Posts: 22
    These were amazing to read through all at once, really makes me want to make something for my girlfriend (or myself!) in addition to the usual Lego Advent Calendar, maybe not Harry Potter since this is just done so well! :D

    Lovely details and nice choices for what to do!
  • dvw2dvw2 MassachusettsMember Posts: 45
    Hello again everyone, time for me to start getting serious about a new edition of these, especially considering how underwhelming the first official HP advent calendar is this year (glad they did it, though). I have some ideas for subjects but am open to more. Are there any scenes or locations that we can think of that might do well in small scale? I’m thinking about more of Hogwarts, to connect with last year’s; micro Beauxbatons & Durmstrang vehicles; Hogsmeade Station; Trelawney’s classroom; etc. Looking forward to any other thoughts for this year!
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