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Bugatt 42083 need help front wheels

I’m very new to LEGO kits (and new to forum), the Bugatti is my second one. I’m ¾ of the way through (working on rear outer body) and just noticed when I rotate one front wheel in one direction, the other wheel rotates in the opposite direction. I followed the directions perfectly, or so I thought. Short of buying a new one and starting over, is there any suggestion how to rectify? Thanks 


  • green_papergreen_paper VancouverMember Posts: 10
    edited January 2019
    I don't have my Bugatti in front of me right now, but I think that's made possible by the dark grey differential piece (this piece:
    If you manually rotate both front wheels in the same direction, do they rotate, or does it get stuck?

  • gratefulnatgratefulnat SwitzerlandMember Posts: 306
    You're fine - this is just due to the differential as @green_paper indicated. When only one wheel can turn and the other can't, or both turn in the same direction, then the differential will spin - that's what the differentials functionality allows for. If both wheels are free to turn and you turn only one you get the effect you are seeing (in this case the differential doesn't spin, but the opposite wheel will).
    larryd517 said:
     Short of buying a new one and starting over, is there any suggestion how to rectify? Thanks 
    If you have build it incorrectly, then I recommend taking it apart and starting over - much cheaper than buying another set, particularly this set ;-)
  • larryd517larryd517 NJMember Posts: 10
    Thanks! Yes, it was the differential. Never knew it acted that way, but am very relieved. 

    I’m 60 and this is my second project (James Bond Aston Martin was my first).

    I have two issues/tips to fellow builders of the Bugatti 

    First, the instructions are very difficult to read when dealing with the dark blue pieces.

    i downloaded the instructions and had to magnify pages to make sure I was putting pins in the correct location 

    This image (magnified) showing it clearly

    This image at normal size (replicating the way it looks in the book) can easily be misread 

    Also, putting the top black piece in (after putting on sticker) was impossible, so I disassembled the spoiler wing for easier access

    Appreciate the help, looking forward to finishing this weekend
  • gratefulnatgratefulnat SwitzerlandMember Posts: 306
    If you enjoyed building #10262 aston martin, then I highly recommend you check out some of the other creator expert vehicles many of which are still easily available, like the #10220 VW camper, #10242 Mini, #10252 VW bug.
    There are certain colors which can be tricky to decipher in the instructions, I have a good magnifying glass at hand when I have trouble.
    Welcome to the joys of LEGO!
  • larryd517larryd517 NJMember Posts: 10
    edited January 2019
    Thanks will consider, but after building a car of this sophisticaion, a VW bug (I drove a ‘70 super beetle and built one Revell of Germany VW Käfer 1500C Plastic Model Kit ) seems a bit of a let down. 
    How do you compete with a Bugatti? (Full disclosure, I don’t own a real one 😁 )
  • gratefulnatgratefulnat SwitzerlandMember Posts: 306
    You could go a step further and build a 1:1 scale working LEGO Bugatti:

  • larryd517larryd517 NJMember Posts: 10
    :) yeah, saw that. amazing

    now I'm stuck!
    The seat cushion doesn't fit by the notch in the paddle shifter (?)

    I tried pushing the cushions back a notch, but then they don't fit because of the back crease.

    Thinking about getting a one wide curved piece and then a flat square so that the cushion wraps around the grey notch.

    I can't figure out what's wrong 

  • larryd517larryd517 NJMember Posts: 10
    Got it.
    had to slide cushion underneath 
    took a while to get it right 
  • larryd517larryd517 NJMember Posts: 10
    Realized I made it too big!
    got it all figured out now. (Wish forum allowed edit after a few minutes)
  • green_papergreen_paper VancouverMember Posts: 10
    edited January 2019
    @larryd517 Wow if this is your second LEGO set ever, you've picked one of the most challenging sets to build! I find any of the aged 16+ Technic sets to be quite demanding of your attention. I've been building LEGO sets for many years, and recently I still made mistakes in the Bugatti and 42056 Porsche 911 GT3RS.
    One tip I can offer is this - if you don't already do this, make sure you gather the pieces in the little box for each step before starting that step. This will prevent you from using too many or too few pieces in one step. At times I've ignored the "piece roll call", went on adding parts based on the main picture only, and a few steps later, I realize I've missed something!
  • larryd517larryd517 NJMember Posts: 10
    Yeah, I was very organized with pieces.
    I finished it and all's well...except one of my rear differential gears fell out (it was lost, but fortunately it fell out of the engine). Need to figure out how to get it back in (I have access) without running the risk of dropping it into the engine.
    Love the car, but it seems like they spent a ton of time and energy designing the interior and the rear, but they lost interest and rushed through the front end and the doors.
  • larryd517larryd517 NJMember Posts: 10
    My two cents on the completed project...

    They put a lot of time and energy into designing the interior and rear end. The engine and gearing is marvelous. The front end is a bit disappointing

    The front two side panels swing up, not sure why, since there's not a lot to look at underneath. Anyone know why these are movable?

    I can't figure out why the front roof support beams aren't fixed (I contacted Lego for a replacement piece, they packed the wrong color). Why are these movable?

    The side mirror shows no creativity

    The rear end is amazing, a lot of detail, you'd think it was the real car (if you didn't look too closely). Why isn't the front end treated similarly?

    The door is half finished? (The James Bond Aston Martin DB5 doors are finished, they look and feel solid). These doors are very flimsy.

    I loved the project, but felt that they gave up and lost interest in planning and design 3/4 of the way through
  • TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Felixstowe Member Posts: 1,589
    I think the answers to most of your questions come down to these being the differences in what you can and can't do with Technic when compared with System building.
  • sid3windrsid3windr BelgiumMember Posts: 1,457
    Yup, that is exactly what I was going to type... This is a Technic set.
  • larryd517larryd517 NJMember Posts: 10
    Thanks, all.
    I guess I got spoiled by their magic and assumed every detail could be crafted.
    Again, I'm new to all of this.
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