Kmart + SYWR deal (YMMV)

I realize hardly anyone shops Kmart anymore, but I still take advantage of their SYWR program:

On Black Friday, Kmart ran 100% points back (up to $50) and I needed to buy something anyway for a gift, so I got the $50 in points with intentions of just redeeming it on some Lego in the future.

Well, to my delight, the 75220 Sandcrawler showed up on the site this morning -- a set I have not seen deals on.
Meanwhile, they're also running code 'thankyou' for 10% off, and another 100% cashback up to $25.
So, my final price was $80, and I have another $25 coming back.

$140 Sandcrawler
-$50 (black friday SYWR)
-$14 (10% code)
+ tax
= $80 with credit $25 SYWR ($55 net)




  • NeilJamNeilJam USAMember Posts: 271
    I miss KMart. Used to get some nice SYWR deals when they were still in my area.
  • Ma1234Ma1234 Member Posts: 693
    You can link your SYWR account to Uber and get $2 for every Uber ride (or Uber Eats order). I use Uber heavily, 40-50x a month, so needless to say I've collected hundreds of dollars in points and free LEGO. 
  • starfailurestarfailure Member Posts: 138
    Now it says "Get 100% CASHBACK in points. $30 maximum" and I have $25 points from the last purchase, so I assume I can buy something for $55 for $30, and get the $30 case back. 
    It's a vicious and beautiful cycle.

  • starfailurestarfailure Member Posts: 138
    NeilJam said:
    I miss KMart. Used to get some nice SYWR deals when they were still in my area.
    I don't have a local store anymore, but still shop the site.
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