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I know there are some local bricksetters who aren't on FB etc. If you are local or visiting the area you will me made welcome at either of the events!

There is a Glasgow AFOL Meet on Tuesday night (tomorrow) at 6.30pm at The Golf Lounge. It is a general afol meet, not a specific lug meet.

Glesga Bricks is on the 27th Oct at Mosspark Baptist Church.  Expect displays from afols throughout Scotland, build areas and tumbola. All profits go to Fairy Bricks.  If you want to help out let me know.  If you want to display pm me asap and I will see what I can do.  Even if you can't come feel free to share the event on Facebook!


    Sorry I missed the meet on the 9th, we were on holiday. I don't think I'll make Glesga Bricks this year either unfortunately but I would urge any Glasgow area AFOLS to check it out. Had a blast last year and anything that benefits Fairy Bricks is great!
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