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FOR SALE - Discontinued Sealed Boxed Sets (Nice Discounts) due to House Move

Renegade007cjhRenegade007cjh Essex, UKMember Posts: 687

Hey Everyone.

As per the title, I am moving house imminently and, despite my best efforts & many months of ruthless de-cluttering, I still have too much stuff :(  I'm looking to off-load a lot of my discontinued (sealed) LEGO sets at reduced prices.  This includes some PotC, Star Wars, Creator, Disney, Atlantis, City etc.  Here's the link to my BrickLink store - sorry, I'm just so pressed for time (and all kinds of stressed), that I can't pull together my lists and cross-reference everything.

Planning to drop prices by 20% for a lot of my boxed sets, which brings many of them down to the cheapest available to UK / European buyers.  I started making the changes manually on the site, but then realised that I may run out of boxes if they all sell individually.  I'd therefore prefer bulk sales, to reduce postage trips (and packaging) (but can certainly do individual sets whilst I have boxes)!  Those sets that are currently discounted by 20% have already been reduced (no double discounts!), those at 5%, I will do 20% and those with 0%, I've not had a chance to look at, so let me know what you're interested in and I'll check.

Hope this makes sense.

If you're interested in any polybagged sets / parts / minifigures, we can also discuss discounts on those - but *only* if you're buying sets.  Main purpose here is to clear space, which means my priority is shifting the bigger boxes!!

More than happy to provide photos on request for genuine buyers and will certainly consider further discounts for larger bulk lots.

In the case of long-standing / reputable Bricksetters, we can discuss "collection" options (I'm near Chelmsford, Essex).

Will ship internationally, but postage will probably be high.

Enquiries by PM only, please - I will respond to all messages as soon as possible, but bear with me as I'm up to my eyes in boxes and packing material, so not always checking my e-mails.

Thanks for looking and I hope you're having a great day!!


  • Renegade007cjhRenegade007cjh Essex, UKMember Posts: 687
    edited September 2018
    Taken a few pictures of the sets in their current home.  Also a batch of previous years' Advent Calendars and some Pirates chess-sets in there.
    City / Space Police:

    Mixed (the City set at the top is a bit the worse for wear - was crushed in transit):

    Pirates / City:


    City / Atlantis & TLM:

    Advent Calendars & Mixed:

    Mixed (the Star Wars set in the bottom right-hand corner is a Yoda Alarm Clock):

    City / Creator:

    Most of the sets are in fantastic condition (check description on my BL store) - exception is the City Airfield, which got squashed on its way to me.  Have traded plenty here on the forums (but not really been active that much recently), plus lots of feedback (Marketplace & on BrickLink).
  • Renegade007cjhRenegade007cjh Essex, UKMember Posts: 687
    edited September 2018
    Also some sticker books looking for a new home.  All are in great condition - books unread (may have gently flicked through them) and stickers all still in place.  Happy to sell by photo (or multiple photos) but, at this time, not looking to sell individual books (or mix and match across photos as gets confusing for buyers).  Couldn't find them on BrickLink, so can't list them on there - why not make me an offer?
    Harry Potter (1,500 stickers across 3 books):

    Star Wars Batch 1 (1,500 stickers across 3 books plus "Save the Galaxy" hardback comic strip):
    Star Wars Batch 2 (400 stickers across 8 books plus plastic wallet-thing):
    Minifigures (450 stickers across 8 books plus plastic wallet-thing):
    Like all my items - postage at cost (they get a bit heavy if you include multiple photos' worth, so may need to go via courier).
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