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LEGO Pop Up Store Pilot

LegoTTLegoTT Member Posts: 478
edited September 2018 in Buying & Selling Topics

Noticed this post just this morning. It makes some sense, as I noticed a “Help Wanted” booth in the upcoming location of the Atlanta store- when I asked the gentlemen what they were recruiting for, they mentioned a “Holiday Season Location”. Will be interesting to see if LEGO makes this concept work!

Anyone planning to visit one of these stores this season?  I certainly will. 


  • HanzoHanzo VAMember Posts: 607
    Great concept to test markets before diving fully in, for some reason, I wish my area was getting one as I'd be sure to support it, though it's unfortunate they aren't including a lot of the things that make Lego stores Lego stores.
  • datsunrobbiedatsunrobbie West Haven , CTMember Posts: 1,431
    I'd visit if they had picked a location closer than the full stores, but the one in CT is being put between the two existing stores, so all 3 will be an hour drive from the CT shoreline. Why would people visit 1/4 of a store when they can get to a whole one with the same amount of travel? A store on the CT shoreline, or just over the border in western Massachusetts would have shortened travel distance for a lot more people than the chosen location.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 9,208
    edited September 2018
    Yeah, but no Pick a Brick wall or Build a Minifigure bars in them from what I read.
    I guess it all depends on where they place them. I am lucky enough to really have about 3 stores to choose from all within about the same amount of driving time. If they put one close it would not be the same as again I go to the stores mostly for the PaB wall and BaM bar and if they have promos (which Im not sure these pop up stores will have either).
    However, if they put them in an area with no LEGO stores anywhere in the surrounding area, then it would be, if anything, a test in the marketplace to see if a store could be viable in that location as well
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Sofia BG/Dallas TXMember Posts: 5,592
    Lego makes the vast majority of their sales at Christmas. It makes sense to try holiday season stores to max profits and not rent retail space or pay a staff in the other parts of the year. 
  • datsunrobbiedatsunrobbie West Haven , CTMember Posts: 1,431
    I checked out the locations on Google Maps, all these stores are opening up in close proximity to existing Lego Stores, most withing 10 miles of at least one. I hope they get a lot of traffic from locals, but given how close they are to full stores it seems to me most of the traffic will be from people who were already visiting the mall, and will cannibalize sales from the folks who didn't drive another 10 minutes to get to a full store. It probably makes it easier to stock, just like when Walmart and Sam's Club build in the same town, but it does not really expand their market area.
  • gmonkey76gmonkey76 ChicagoMember Posts: 1,391
    I like the fact that I can walk to my closest LEGO Store.(after I take public transit) Most of the employees know me by name, and will go to the back and get new stuff for the PAB or BAM for me. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't live close to a LEGO Store. I hope these work out for LEGO, but with only one real employee and the rest seasonal I think the personal interaction will be lost. If I had to choose between a full store, and a pop-up I'll take the full store everytime.
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 11,601
    My guess is that if you over-layed the pop-up stores with the regions with the highest marginal profits, that would explain their location.

    I'd also not be surprised if they correlate with high-volume TRU locations.  Obviously, these are geared to impulse Christmas shoppers.  I'd be more interested to see if LEGO is expanding their small-toy store and non-toy store footprint to make up for the lack of K-Mart, Sears, and TRU.
  • LegoTTLegoTT Member Posts: 478
    Lots of good thoughts- as I think back to the TRU locations that I used to visit, they were almost always located near malls. I’m sure that the shoppers that used to buy gifts at TRU physical locations will be in their local shopping malls this holiday season. Putting a store like this in that mall location should pull those people in.

    That said, TRU always had inflated prices in the states. It will be interesting to see if those shoppers will discover they may be able to pick up the same sets for small discounts online or even in the same store where they buy their groceries (ie Target or Walmart).
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 11,601
    LEGO is expecting a sizeable bump of product sales at Wal-Mart and Target at Christmas.  I'm interested to see whether they just ship more of the same product or expand their product line at retailers to offer the variety that was at TRU, and is at the LEGO Retail Store.
  • MugenPowerMugenPower Member Posts: 441
    I used to live by one of the locations on the list and it makes sense to have one at that mall.  There used to be a TRU nearby there, but we all know what happened to that.  The next nearest place to buy Lego would be a ~5-10 minute drive (w/o traffic) to another mall that has a Target nearby, but good luck with that during the holidays.  Otherwise, if you want to go to an official Lego store, that's AT LEAST a 20-25 minute drive (w/o traffic) to yet another mall.  But of course, holiday traffic.  So at least there, it makes sense to have a Lego pop-up shop.  You could potentially make that mall a one-stop shop for all your holiday shopping if you live in that area and avoid additional holiday shopping madness, which would be a great gift in and of itself.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 9,208
    edited September 2018
    My guess is if there is a pop up LEGO store around Chicago, it will still be in Cook County where the Sales tax is higher. I doubt LEGO wants to also take away from their regular stores.
  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Minnesota, USMember Posts: 2,227
    SumoLego said:
    LEGO is expecting a sizeable bump of product sales at Wal-Mart and Target at Christmas.  I'm interested to see whether they just ship more of the same product or expand their product line at retailers to offer the variety that was at TRU, and is at the LEGO Retail Store.
    That question has been answered, at least around here. Target has definitely expanded their LEGO selection, and I’ve seen Speed Champions at Walmart. 
  • Baby_YodaBaby_Yoda The world's backsideMember Posts: 1,134
    ^ Same here, I think. I believe the Hogwarts Express, originally intended to be a TRU exclusive, is planned for general release here. Others have been shifted to Myer and Target, and I've noticed the latter has a couple of themes I don't remember seeing in there before.
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