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[US] FS/FT - Various new lego sets - psst - and Family Guy action figures!

jmeninnojmeninno The Batcave (MA)Member Posts: 687
I am trying to raise some extra cash to swing the Joker Manor purchase.  However, if someone did have a spare, brand new/sealed Joker Manor kicking around, I would definitely consider a trade for these items.  I realize someone out there may have picked one up discounted with the closing or TRU, but I realize it is a longshot.  Regardless...

The following sets are all brand new, sealed, from my personal collection.  I can provide pictures upon request, but I can assure the boxes are in near mint condition, as I had them stored away for some time.

I am open to best/reasonable offers and would like to sell as many as possible to a single source to cut down on shipping costs.  To start, I am basing the costs from Bricklink and eBay.  In terms of shipping costs, I'd like to discuss that via PM only because I haven't shipped a lot of things so I'm not sure what to expect.  Trying to keep to continental US to minimize shipping costs.

The sets are:

#7596 Toy Story Trash Compactor Escape  - asking $60
#7594 Woody's Round-up - asking $80
#7958 2011 Star Wars Advent Calendar - asking $40
#79110 Silver Mine Shootout - asking $60
#79004 Barrel Escape - asking $50

As far as the Family Guy action figures (a post about these can be found in the "Off-topic" thread), these are also all brand new, sealed, from my personal collection.

Joe Swanson - asking $30
Peter Griffin in Astronaut suit - asking $20
Bruce the Performance Artist - asking $20
Pope (some plastic discoloration) - asking $10
Nighttime Lois and Peter - asking $20
Adam West - asking $20

Many thanks for making this far in my long-winded post.  Again, I am open to reasonable offers - let's talk!


  • jmeninnojmeninno The Batcave (MA)Member Posts: 687

    For the Lego sets, anyone interested in the lot for $280 and free shipping?  Also willing to consider splitting the lot into 2 or 3 smaller lots.  Can't promise free shipping, but willing to negotiate.

    Anyone interested in the Family Guy lot for $110 and free shipping?  Same offer as above about splitting into smaller lots.

    Please hit me up!  Looking to off-load in time for Bricktober ;)
  • jmeninnojmeninno The Batcave (MA)Member Posts: 687
    Want to apologize in advance for what may be perceived to be too frequent a bump, but really trying to sell these.  How about $240 for the Lego lot, with free shipping?  $90 for the Family Guy lot plus free shipping?

    Will still consider offers and splitting the lots up!  Papa needs a brand new Joker Manor...
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