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FT (US) Percival Graves Minifigure - Complete

kbwkbw NCMember Posts: 406
So I lucked into 2 of these things at Target the other day.  I would love to trade them for some older series CMF figures (new, not used and complete with accessories) or some other figures (also new and complete) that I have been seeking. I did cut the packages at the top to verify contents. I did not remove the figure and resealed the packages with tape.  Here are the figures I’m looking for: 

Lester #40308
Royal Guard #500523
CMF Series 3 Gorilla Suit Guy
CMF Series 4 Hazmat Suit Guy
CMF Series 6 Lady Liberty
CMF Series 6 Sleepy Head
Lego Movie CMF William Shakespeare
Lego Movie CMF Abraham Lincoln

I also have an entire spare set of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast CMFs that I was going to put on eBay, but wanted to mention it in case there was interest. Strongly prefer to move those as an entire 22-piece set, however. Open to sell or trade. 



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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.