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FS [UK] Jason's 80's Lego clearout part 1

jason1976jason1976 LondonMember Posts: 297
Hi all,

I've (reluctantly) decided to sell off some of my childhood Lego as I'm running out of space.

All parts are in good/reasonable condition except stated but some parts have faded or yellowed. Given this, I'll let you suggest offers or deals for any of the sets and parts below.

No sets have instructions or boxes unless mentioned.

Let me know if you're interested in anything below or want more information on any of the sets.

Part 2 (classic Space) to come!



Road plates (they have been washed since the photo was taken!):

* 3 x junction (as in set #300)

* 5 x curved (as in set #301)

* 3 x straight (as in set #301)

* 5 x cross roads (as in set #6304)

Castle (Black Falcons / Crusaders):

* #6073 (King's Castle) - complete except for one shield missing and the smaller helmet plumes are missing. Also missing the original string for the drawbridge

* #6030 (Catapult) with instructions. I have a second set that is incomplete that I'll throw in for free.

* #6040 (Blacksmith Shop) - complete except Blacksmith has yellow hands not black as the original arms are missing

* Parts from #6010 (Supply Wagon) #6011 (Black Knight's treasure) and #6012 (Seige Cart) for spares



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