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MOC question?

HobHob My Lego houseMember Posts: 223
Hi All,

I have decided to try my first MOC in many years.  

Was gonna show it off here once completed but wanted to know what do people consider a MOC as don't want to be slated.

If you modify an existing set to make it larger say nearly modular size, for example the Dr Strange Sanctum set if you add bricks and take away the apartment side of the building and make a rear to the building is this considered a MOC.  

How much of a change do you have to make?

I'm still gonna try and do this project but wont show it off.

Thanks in advance. 


    ^ Id call that a mod, or even a modded mod moc.

    Build as you will and share accordingly. The re are dedicated 'What are you building right now' and 'MOC share your creations threads'. I think your modded mod moc would be accepted in either.

    The community here are pretty relaxed about this stuff, way more so than some of LEGO fan sites, say, just for example, one that might rhyme with Ewe row Tricks...

    I wouldn't start a new topic for your MOC but most things are accepted unsanctioned around here and gently explained when not.

    Get Building!
  • Baby_YodaBaby_Yoda The world's backsideMember Posts: 1,295
    I reckon you'll be fine to build and post whatever you want. Most people here post pics of their regular sets anyway - it is Brickset, after all. I'm sure nobody will care about the difference between a mod and a moc. As long as you don't directly steal someone else's creation and claim it as your own (which never ever happens), you'll be right. Just make sure your pictures aren't too large as there's no limit on what you can upload but slower connections can still have trouble viewing super-high res photos.
    ^ @Baby_Yoda makes s great point about image sizes!
    Especially hated and complained about by users from Australia (allegedly)...
  • HobHob My Lego houseMember Posts: 223
    Thanks wouldn't of started new thread I spotted the other thread about showing off stuff. Will also limit the pic size for our Oz friends lol.  It'll be at least a week before I get on to it. Just gaining advice. 
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