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Selling my entire collection - 17Kg of Lego (UK only)

I am looking to sell my entire 17Kg collection of Lego. I have not used my Lego for quite some time now and it is just taking up space in my house at the moment. I washed all of it and sorted it into 1Kg portions to sell on eBay a few months ago but I have not sold any.

It would be preferable if you could collect it from me, I live near Leeds, however, am willing to ship anywhere in the UK if necessary.

If anyone is interested in buying some or all of my lego collection, then please PM me. Thank you!


  • Bradleygreer2001Bradleygreer2001 Member Posts: 4
    I have a variety of themes including mainly lego City, creator and technic with a few sets from other themes such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Power Miners and Atlantis.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any of the instructions for the lego, however, some of the sets in my collection include:

    Lego City:

    7938 - Passenger Train
    3182 - Airport
    7208 - Fire Station
    7744- Police Station

    Lego Creator:

    522 - Beach House
    5891 - Apple Tree House
    6754 - Family Home
    4955 - Big Rig

    Lego Technic:

    42007 - Dirt Bike
    8068 - Rescue Helicopter

    Lego Atlantis:

    8061 - Gateway Of The Squid

    Lego Power Miners:

    8709 - Mining Station

    Lego Starwars:

    8096 - Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle

    Lego Harry Potter:

    4866 - Knight Bus

    This is not all of the sets which are in my collection as I cannot remember them all by name. This just a few to give you an idea of the sort of sets which are in my collection.

    In terms of pricing, I am thinking of around £10/Kg.

    Thanks for taking a look!
  • Bradleygreer2001Bradleygreer2001 Member Posts: 4
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