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Mindstorms RCX

cody6268cody6268 Member Posts: 262
edited June 2018 in Everything else LEGO
Quite a few years ago, when I was attending the local community college at 13, an instructor gave me the McGraw Hill book "Robot Invasion", which includes some projects for RCX (and it was quite outdated then, as Lego was halfway into the NXT era by then).  Components for RCX seem to go quite cheaply on Bricklink, so I might gather the "brain" (programmable brick), sensors, motors and assorted electrical components (wire) to make a small set (have a ton of Technic parts already, but might have to get some studded parts, as well as some older, period correct wheels and axles. 

I'm wondering how to make it work on my General Dynamics GD8200 with Windows 7 Pro. It's a police surplus laptop, and as usual with rugged laptops that maintain outdated designs, happens to have a nine-pin serial port on the right hand side, so I can use the IR tower without an adapter.  Since this laptop is 64-bit, I've heard you'll have to use third-party software that works with RCX, but just what?  


  • EvilTwinEvilTwin UKMember Posts: 117
    edited June 2018
    There is a version of RobotC that works with RCX. It's free.
    It has its own driver to work with the IR tower, also on the same page (but see the note about 32/64 bit drivers- I haven't tried it so I don't know if it would cause a problem or not. I don't expect so).

    When the RCX was still current there were several other programming tools that would work with it such as NQC and BricX which appear to be still online:

  • CyberdragonCyberdragon Maryland, U.S.AMember Posts: 385
    A lot of software is actually 32 bit even on modern machines, so 64-bit machines run 32-bit software all the time with no problem. The problem is the OS, but no, you shouldn't need third party software, just install and run the original software in compatibility mode. 
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