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[UK] 30427 Ninjago Ice Tank Polybag - "bulk"(ish) buying syndicate.

Mr_CrossMr_Cross East Anglia (UK)Member Posts: 1,624
Hi All,
I've found a chap who has a reasonable quantity of #30427 Ninjago Ice Tank Polybags. If I buy a box of 30 from him (the minimum he is willing to sell to me in one go, he has more but I've not negotiated on them) they (prospectively) work out at about £1.50 each, delivered to me.
I know this polybag was massively reduced at TRU before they shut, but this is about the best price I've seen since. Lowest ebay price is £2.75ish.
I'm in the market for about 10, but I won't want the other 20. I'm looking for serious pledges from anyone who would want to join a syndicate, preferrably I'm looking for people who do want multiples, I guess onward postage from me to any participants will be 1-3 = £1, 4-6= £1.90, 7+ = £3.
I'm trying not to pass on extra costs, so if things do work out cheaper, they work out cheaper for all of us and I will not try to make money off your contribution.
If anyone is interested, please make your intentions known to me asap as I need to give the chap an answer before lunch tomorrow. I am after concrete, no backing-out type declarations because I'll be in trouble with my better half if I get stuck with a box of them!


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