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[UK](FS) Big Clear Out - Priced to Sell!

SirBrickalotOfLegoSirBrickalotOfLego Member Posts: 629
Hi all, once again have some stuff I need shifting. All items are in very good condition, stickers applied expertly, and most if not all come with instructions. All minifigures present unless stated otherwise.


#75167 Bounty Hunter Battle Pack - complete
#75166 FO Transport Speeder Battle Pack - complete
#75131 Resistance Battle Pack - complete
#75132 FO Battle Pack - complete
#75133 Rebel Alliance Battle Pack - 98% complete
#75134 Galactic Empire Battle Pack - 98% complete
#75164 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack - complete
#75103 First Order Transporter - complete 
#75140 Resistance Troop Transporter - complete
#75050 B-Wing - 96% complete 
#75154 Tie Striker - complete
#75156 Krennic’s Shuttle - complete
#75053 The Ghost - 96% complete, no Hera minifig
#75048 The Phantom - 99% complete, missing Ezra’s helmet 
#75170 The Phantom II - complete
#75150 Tie Advanced vs A-wing - no TIE as it has been heavily modified, although I can include it if wanted.
#75020 Jabba’s Sail Barge - 99% complete, missing Weequay and Ree-Yees
#5004408 Rebel A-Wing Pilot
#5002122 TC-4
#sw595 Palpatine from dark side book

£100 for everything above, plus shipping. 


#71006 The Simpson’s House - 98% complete 

£100 plus shipping

Will add more lots in due course. PM for offers.

Have a nice day.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.