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(USA) LTT - H:75159 Death Star and 10255 Assembly Square

whaturmuvawhaturmuva MarylandMember Posts: 4
edited March 2018 in Marketplace

I was fortunate enough to grab some of these from Target. Looking to trade for older Star Wars UCS sets that I missed out on


75159 Death Star
10255 Assembly Square

10227 - UCS B-wing Starfighter
10225 - UCS R2-D2
10221 - UCS Super Star Destroyer
10212 - UCS Imperial Shuttle
10174 - UCS Imperial AT-ST

Items can be used. Need to be complete with instructions, boxes are a plus.

Happy to mix and match sets and cash to make a fair trade.

Located in Maryland, USA. Happy to ship these, but shipping heavy sets could get pricey. 

Shoot me a PM if you're interested



  • whaturmuvawhaturmuva MarylandMember Posts: 4
    10255's are all gone

    Still have two 75159's left for trade or sale

    Set wise still looking for
    10221 - UCS Super Star Destroyer
    10212 - UCS Imperial Shuttle

    Also taking cash offers locally.

    Selling them on Bricklink as well:

    If you want it shipped, message me directly here and we can work out the details outside of Bricklink. I will pass along the savings from the 3% Bricklink fee directly to you.

  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFWMember Posts: 6,366
    I don't need a Death Star but given your avatar I guess you would be a good person to ask, Who wrote the Moon rules #1 on the side of my car with a key?!
  • whaturmuvawhaturmuva MarylandMember Posts: 4
    Using keys to gouge expletives onto another's vehicle is a sign of trust and friendship.
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